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Taiwan- the new must go for globetrotters

Welcome to our blog that will be your Taiwan travel guide to make your trip to Taiwan memorable of all. We have done extensive research and have been in contact with multiple travel agencies, tourist to bring the best of the Taiwan travel guide and bring you tips advisory, so you can have the best time in Taiwan.

All about Taiwan

Taiwan is a small island that falls in officially under the People’s Republic of China. It is surrounded by China, Japan, and the Philippines in the west, northeast and south direction respectively. Its capital is Taipei and its currency is the New Taiwan dollar which equals around 0.032 $USD. The most common language spoken here is Mandarin and its variations. It’s a beautiful and picturesque island located in the East China Sea.

Your entertainment travel guide to Taiwan

This would be the most cheering part of Taiwan Travel guide. This east Asian country avails you with a plethora of activities while you are here. You can visit Taipei 101, a skyscraper that has 106 floors, where you can shop, dine or simply stand and observe; Taroko National Park famous for the Taroko gorge on river Liwu; the Sunmoon lake on river  Zhuoshui River; Jiufen gold mine museum; National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall; National Palace Museum; Yangmingshan National Park; Kenting National Park; Shi-men Ting for shopping; Lungshan Temple;  Yeliou Geopark; Shilin Night Market, the most famous night market of Taiwan; Alishan National Scenic Area in central Taiwan; Shifen Waterfall; Qingjing Farm; National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall; Xiangshan also known as the elephant mountain; Yushan, the tallest peak of Taiwan; National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine among many other place that Taiwan offers you to visit. These places are so entertaining that they are always ranked on the top of the tourist attractions list.
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Gambling is prohibited in Taiwan. It has been prohibited under the criminal code of the Republic of China. However, Taiwan’s first casino is about to come up in 2019. Gambling being illegal has never stopped the people of Taiwan from gambling. Gambling is in a way in the blood of the people. This excessive addiction to gambling had resulted in the banning of gambling in 1935. This criminalization of any form of gambling has kept bricks and mortar casinos away from Taiwan. However online casinos are thriving throughout Taiwan. And although the players get prosecuted if caught, this hasn’t demotivated them at all from trying their lucks in online casinos. Especially when they can get 200% bonus on their first deposit up to $1000. This is our secret & most attractive addition to the Taiwan travel guide.

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Best cities to visit in Taiwan


The best time to visit Taiwan is spring, which falls between March and May. Summers of Taiwan is extremely hot and humid while winters are mild. Taiwan has the most wonderful cities among which the best cities are Taipei that is also the capital city of Taiwan,  Kaohsiung that is the second largest city of Taiwan is also known for its splendid beaches, Chiayi is famous for its Alishan national scenic area, Tainan which was  the former capital of Taiwan, Taichung that is the most populous city of Taiwan and is known for its industries. Without the mention of these places, Taiwan travel guide will never be complete. These cities are considered as the best tourist attractions in Taiwan

Best tourist attractions of Taiwan


Taiwan might not be the best place for a tourist with gambling interest but it definitely has a lot more to see around. One of the best things that tourists skip is to visit Jiu Fen Old Street which can be proudly called the Santorini of Taiwan. Right beside the jiu fen bus stand, there’s an old bakery that sells egg puddings that is to be eaten straight from its shells for just 30 new Taiwan dollars. So it’s a must try. When in Taiwan never miss having the handmade fishball vermicelli and filtered coffee in Jiufen street again. Ah, Ma Oh Yi or Taro Balls as they are popularly called is another delicacy of Taiwan that you cannot afford to miss. They have a unique style of presenting their Dorayaki Ice Cream inside pancakes that makes it even more irresistible. These tourist attractions from Taiwan travel Guide would attract you again and again to this place

Miss anything in your visit to Taiwan but not the Gold Mine at Gold Ecological Park. Yin Yang Sea which translates as the golden yellow water is literally a beauty for its golden yellow waves. Similarly, the golden waterfall will never fail to mesmerize you. The Starbucks in the Taipei 101 tower is the highest Starbucks in the world. Wouldn’t be a lifetime experience sipping in your coffee viewing the city of Taipei from the highest point of your favorite coffee shop?

Taiwan might not be a gambler’s paradise but it is no wonder a traveler’s paradise. Yet, if you find yourself in Taipei wanting to play some casino games, we have found the top ten sites from Canada for you. By going to you can play the best slots games for free using the latest casino promotions. From vast varieties of food to a never-ending list of places to visit, Taiwan has got its best to serve you in your platter leaving you wanting for more.

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