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Tag: transitional justice

Formosa Betrayed: a quest for truth and justice

After a long wait Formosa Betrayed (被出賣的台灣) has come to Taiwan. I saw the film at the Taichung premiere on Monday night. The premiere was well attended and producer Will Tiao was there to to introduce the film. Tiao said it was the first ever Hollywood film about Taiwan’s White Terror period. He also said [...]

What is justice? 正義是啥米

What is justice? (正義是啥米) was held at the Leader University (立德大學) in Tainan yesterday. The event featured a concert with a number of leading Taiwan bands as well as an exhibition about 228 Incident. The event was organised by the Leader University Hot Rock Club (立德大學熱音社) and the 228 Memorial Foundation. An exhibition about 228 [...]

Tears and transitional justice

I reviewed Tears (眼淚) last year after I saw it at the Golden Horse Film Festival. The movie is officially released in Taiwan today. The movie tells the story of Guo, an old policeman who employs some unethical policing methods and eventually has to face up to his past. The movie is being widely discussed [...]

Green Island experience

I participated in a “Human Rights Camp” on Green Island from 19-22 July. The article that follows are my thoughts after returning. When the boat arrived at Green Island (綠島) my first impression was that the island was incredibly green, verdant, a rich tropical paradise. Most people come to the island for a holiday, but [...]

A tale of two nations

It might seem hard to imagine now but 20 years ago there were many similarities between the political situation in Taiwan and China. Both countries had an authoritarian polity with strict controls on freedom of speech. On university campuses the party-state (KMT or CCP) maintained tight control over student organisations and political activities. The situation [...]

German magazine about Taiwan

DianMo, a German student magazine about Sinology, has just released a special edition about Taiwan. You can download a pdf of the magazine from their website. Most of the articles are in German, which I know a few readers of this blog can read. There are two articles in English. One is “Reviving Ethnic Diversity: [...]

How the KMT constructs history

Last week I visited the KMT headquarters in Bade Road with some students from the Taiwan Studies program at NCCU. The ground floor is adorned with some large photos of Chiang Ching-kuo (蔣經國) commemorating the 100th anniversary of his birth. On the ground floor there is also a small museum of the history of the [...]