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Tag: taipei times

Peak oil and petrochemicals in Taiwan

There is a major environmental protest in Taipei this afternoon focused on the issue of Taiwan‘s petrochemical industry. It begins at 2pm at the Zhongxiao-Fuxing MRT Station. Opposition to the petrochemical industry in Taiwan is frequently framed in terms of its impact on the health of workers and nearby residents, climate change or because of [...]

Youth must speak out to protect internet freedom

I had a letter published in the Taipei Times today in response to two recent incidents where freedom of speech on the internet was threatened. I wrote an article on my posterous blog which gives some more background on the issue. The post also includes links to the Hu’s girls videos. Tim Maddog has written a [...]

No consensus about national day in Taiwan

On Thursday Arthur Waldron had a letter in the Taipei Times saying he was distressed that the opposition parties would not participate in the Double Ten National Day celebrations. He then suggested a “2010 Consensus” of one national day, different interpretations. Today the Taipei Times has published two letters in response by Ben Goren and [...]

Taiwan’s English-language media gets more digital

This week saw two significant changes to Taiwan‘s English-language newspapers. The first was the announcement by the Taiwan News on Tuesday that it would cease publishing a print edition and only be available online. The paper, established in 1949 as the China News, changed its name to Taiwan News after it was purchased by the [...]

Electoral reforms would improve democratic practice

I had a letter published in the Taipei Times today suggesting some reforms Taiwan could make to its electoral system. I have previously discussed the importance of referendums for Taiwan and the belligerence of the KMT in opposing them. I also wrote about reforming the voting system for the Legislative Yuan following the election in 2008. [...]

Peak oil is a big problem

I had another letter in the Taipei Times today. This one was on the subject of peak oil. Unfortunately the title the Taipei Times’ editors chose for the letter, “Planning for an oil-less future”, reflects a common misunderstanding. Peak oil doesn’t mean the world will run out of oil, but that the supply and availability [...]

Letter about the death penalty in the Taipei Times

My letter calling for the abolition of the death penalty was published in the Taipei Times today. In the letter I mention the case of Chiang Kuo-ching. The Control Yuan’s findings on his case are reported in this article. I also mention threats against advocates of the abolition of the death penalty. Some of these [...]