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Tag: rsf

Taiwan’s press freedom ranking improves: RSF

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) released its 2010 Press Freedom Index today. The index ranked Taiwan 48th in the world. This was an improvement of 11 places on its position last year. It is still lower than Taiwan’s 36th place in 2008.  RSF called the performance of Asia’s democratic countries “impressive.” Japan, ranked 11th, held the highest [...]

Taiwan press freedom declines: report

Reporters Without Borders 2009 report on world press freedom ranked Taiwan 59th in the world. This was a significant drop from Taiwan’s ranking of 36th in 2008. Japan was the leading country in Asia ranked 17th. Reporters Without Borders noted that both South Korea, at 69th, and Taiwan had fallen in the rankings this year. [...]

Freedom House reports declining media freedom

Freedom House has just released its annual report on media freedom. The report showed press freedom declining for the seventh straight year. Taiwan‘s media freedom declined slightly. It previously had the freest media in Asia, but now ranks second behind Japan. The survey gives countries a score between zero and 100. The lower the score [...]

Rally for PTS in Taipei

Thousands of people joined a rally in support of PTS (公共電視), Taiwan‘s Public Television Service, in Taipei today. The rally was organised by the National Association for the Promotion of Community Universities, Media Watch and Citizen Congress Watch. There was additional participation by dozens of NGOs and community groups.

Is Taiwan becoming a police state?

When I wrote about Chen Yunlin’s arrival in Taiwan on Monday I said, “it might be a little extreme to claim Taiwan has returned to the days of martial law or White Terror.” Perhaps I might have to take back my words. What the police is doing is going far beyond what is necessary to [...]