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Tag: referendum

Electoral reforms would improve democratic practice

I had a letter published in the Taipei Times today suggesting some reforms Taiwan could make to its electoral system. I have previously discussed the importance of referendums for Taiwan and the belligerence of the KMT in opposing them. I also wrote about reforming the voting system for the Legislative Yuan following the election in 2008. [...]

Rejection of referendum is a denial of democratic rights

The Referendum Review Committee last night rejected the Taiwan Solidarity Union’s (TSU) proposal for a referendum on ECFA. The Liberty Times (自由時報) called it “the darkest day in the history of Taiwan‘s democracy.” It represents another regression in the democratic rollback since the Ma government took office in 2008. The ability of citizens in Taiwan to initiate [...]

Referendum march starts in Taipei

A march around Taiwan calling for a referendum on any Taiwan-China agreement and amendments to the Referendum Law began in Taipei this morning. Several hundred people wearing “doli” (bamboo hats) set out from Longshan Temple to begin a seven week long walk around Taiwan. The walk has the slogan “The people are the masters” (人民做主) [...]

Observations of the Penghu referendum

The Penghu casino referendum was held on Saturday. I went to observe the referendum as part of the team organised by Citizen Congress Watch (公民監督國會聯盟). I’ll first report on the observation of the referendum voting followed by some analysis of the results of the referendum and its political implications.

Political lessons from Penghu

For the past week I have been involved in various activities of the Anti-gambling Alliance (反賭博合法化聯盟) in their campaign against the plan for a casino on Penghu (澎湖). The residents of Penghu will vote in a referendum on 26 September that will decide whether plans for the casino will be approved. If the referendum passes [...]

Hunger strike for referendum law amendment

The Taiwan Association of University Professors is currently staging a hunger strike in Jinan Road, Taipei next to the Legislative Yuan. The hunger strike began on Saturday evening after the 1025 Safeguard Taiwan protest that drew half a million people.

2008 Presidential election links – special edition

First a look at what Taiwan bloggers have written about the election.  Prince Roy writes about being an election observer. A-gu has some suggestions about how the DPP can improve. Kerim on the separation of powers. Michael Turton on the election rejection and what Taiwan might look like in 2016.  Tim Maddog reports on the [...]