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Tag: recommended website

Recommended website #5: Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association (台灣蠻野心足生態協會)
Wild at Heart was founded by Robin Winkler, an American who has lived in Taiwan for twenty years and become a Taiwanese citizen. The following is from the about page:
The Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association is a public interest organization dedicated to promoting efforts to restore a [...]

Recommended website #4: Teaching English in Taiwan

I am sure most readers of this blog already know Michael Turton's blog, The View from Taiwan. Michael also has a website which is equally voluminous, Michael Turton's Teaching English  in Taiwan Web Pages. 
This website contains so much information that I won't claim to have read every page or looked at every photo. However, [...]

Recommended website #3: is undoubtedly the best resource available to understand the romanisation of Mandarin Chinese. This is especially important in Taiwan where romanisation is used inconsistently and there are several different systems in use. 
I am sure most readers of this blog will have read Pinyin News at some time or another. The blog section of [...]

Recommended website #2: Taipei Times

Of Taiwan's three English-language daily newspapers the Taipei Times is by far the best both in print and on the web. While the website is a bit dated in its design it is clean and easy to read. All the articles from the print edition of the paper go online at midday (Taiwan time) every [...]

Recommended website #1: Central Weather Bureau

This is the Taiwan website that I visit more than any other. There are versions in both Chinese and English.
Although the site uses frames its design is simple and easy to navigate. The entry page shows a map of Taiwan with forecast temperatures and conditions for tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night (this may vary depending [...]