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Tag: pts

Taiwan’s press freedom ranking improves: RSF

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) released its 2010 Press Freedom Index today. The index ranked Taiwan 48th in the world. This was an improvement of 11 places on its position last year. It is still lower than Taiwan’s 36th place in 2008.  RSF called the performance of Asia’s democratic countries “impressive.” Japan, ranked 11th, held the highest [...]

Approaching storms and millet harvest in Smangus

I went on a trip to Smangus this week. I carefully checked the weather forecast on Sunday night before I left. I was aware that Tropical Storm Lionrock and the low pressure system to the northwest of Taiwan would influence the weather during the week. However, it seemed unlikely that either of them would directly impact [...]

Paris and Taipei cycling experience

Paris, Taipei: Bicycles Forever (巴黎.台北 單車萬歲) is a documentary directed by Jean-Robert Thomann (尚若白). It looks at the experience of bicycle commuters in Paris and Taipei. I went to the premiere screening at Eslite Dunnan Bookstore today and it will screen on PTS (公視) tomorrow. The documentary explores the attitudes of those who have chosen [...]

Taiwan press freedom declines: report

Reporters Without Borders 2009 report on world press freedom ranked Taiwan 59th in the world. This was a significant drop from Taiwan’s ranking of 36th in 2008. Japan was the leading country in Asia ranked 17th. Reporters Without Borders noted that both South Korea, at 69th, and Taiwan had fallen in the rankings this year. [...]

Vignettes of a day in Taipei

At the beginning of the screening of Taipei 24H (台北異想) there was an ad featuring Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin promoting Taipei City as a site for film production. Hau introduces some locations in the city before ending the ad by announcing an NT$2.5 million dollar subsidy for film makers making films in Taipei through the Taipei Film Commission. [...]

Freedom House reports declining media freedom

Freedom House has just released its annual report on media freedom. The report showed press freedom declining for the seventh straight year. Taiwan‘s media freedom declined slightly. It previously had the freest media in Asia, but now ranks second behind Japan. The survey gives countries a score between zero and 100. The lower the score [...]

Citizen journalism in Taiwan

I came across this article by Rachel Sterne via a link on Portnoy’s blog. I have reproduced it here under a Creative Commons licence. It gives some good insights into the important role that citizen media plays in Taiwan and the current situation of PTS. In Taiwan, Citizen Journalism Fights Censors and Sensation by Rachel [...]