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Tag: ntnu

End of semester at Shi-Da

I had my last class of the semester at Shi-Da yesterday. The time seems to have passed so quickly. While I did learn some new things during the semester, I don't feel that I achieved my goals.  I think part of the problem was that the curriculum and teaching style didn't really match my goals [...]

Taiwanese language learning materials

I had my last Taiwanese class for the semester at Shi-Da today. I enjoyed the class a lot, but only studying once a week I didn't really make much progress. Still I learnt some new words and had fun.  The amount of materials for learning the Taiwanese language* is quite limited. I have only used [...]

Taiwanese class at Shi-Da

Today I had my first Taiwanese language class at Shi-Da. Shi-Da offers the class as one of the cultural classes. They also have classes in calligraphy, name chop engraving and a few others.  I have made sporadic efforts at studying Taiwanese but so far I haven't got beyond learning a few of the most common [...]

Shi-Da class outing to Yingge

On a hot sunny Taipei morning our class from Shi-Da met at Taipei Station. From there we caught the train to Yingge (鶯歌). We joined a number of other classes so there were about forty students and five teachers.  It was a great chance to meet some other students at Shi-Da. Most of the students [...]

One week at Shi-Da

I've already been studying at Shi-Da for a week now. My class has had a few students come and go. There are now five students: two Koreans, one Japanese, one Czech and an Australian. During the first few days of class I thought about changing to a different level. However, I came to the conclusion [...]

Starting classes at Shi-Da

I had my first class at Shi-Da (NTNU; 國立台灣師範大學) today. There are two Koreans, a Vietnamese and a Taiwanese American in my class. The class I am studying in is Newspaper Readings II (新聞選讀第二本). I have studied this book before in my one-on-one class and written about it on my blog.  I found the pace [...]