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Tag: links

Taiwan blog links — 24 January 2011

It’s been another busy week on the Taiwan blogs. Michael Turton will be back with the links next week. Patrick Cowsill gives a history lesson on why the Dutch came to Taiwan. Taiwan in Cycles has all the information you ever need about carrying bikes on trains. Lao Ren Cha likes the Breeze Food Court [...]

Taiwan blog links — 17 January 2011

Michael Turton is taking a break from blogging for a few weeks so I am going to post a weekly collection of links in the interim. Before he went on holidays Michael wrote a wonderful article about cycling in Taiwan on the Huffington Post. Let’s check out the latest on the Taiwan blogs. Letters from [...]

Links across the blogosphere

As announced last week I am no longer posting weekly links. I want to suggest some other ways readers can follow the latest postings in the Taiwan blogosphere. It was great to see The Daily Bubble Tea posting some links to fill the gap. I am an author at Global Voices Online and regularly post [...]

Links 1 June 2009

Pinyin News interprets a vitamin drink ad with Bush and Obama. The Razzel Berry encounters a bicycle traffic jam. Waakao profiles a weekend BMX and surf warrior. Taipei Biking discovers U-Bikes extending their range. Felicia tells the story of Su Beng’s noodle shop in Japan. The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato writes that Taiwan representative’s appearance before [...]

Links 25 May 2009

Hiking Taiwan climbs North Chatian Mountain. Portnoy at Global Voices on debate over the rural renewal program. A-gu on Ma’s confusion and more confusion about Taiwan’s sovereignty. The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato on Taiwan’s rapidly eroding status. A View from the ‘Hill criticises the language used at the DPP protest. Letters from Taiwan analyses the images [...]

Links 18 May 2009

Candlelight vigil for Burma and Aung San Suu Kyi. 7-8pm Monday 18 May at the park opposite Watson’s in Shi-Da Road in Taipei. Organised by the Taiwan Free Burma Network and AI Taiwan. Details in Chinese or bilingual at Facebook. The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato on why “foreigners” should get involved in Taiwanese politics. Darren has [...]

Links 11 May 2009

Waakao asks where have the betel nut beauties gone? Pashan on hiking Snow Mountain. Neil Wade hikes Four Beasts Mountain. Hiking Taiwan on the insane Stinkyhead Mountain. Talk Taiwan on problems with Taiwan’s WHA invitation. The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato reviews Nixon and Mao: The week that changed the world. Jerome has a review by Richard [...]