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Tag: freedom house

Taiwan still free but problems with judicial rights: Freedom House report

Taiwan has maintained its status as free in Freedom House’s 2010 report released yesterday. Taiwan received the same score as last year but its score for civil liberties decreased from 1 to 2 while its score for political rights increased from 2 to 1. Taiwan’s score put it equal with Japan and South Korea in [...]

Taiwan press freedom declines: report

Reporters Without Borders 2009 report on world press freedom ranked Taiwan 59th in the world. This was a significant drop from Taiwan’s ranking of 36th in 2008. Japan was the leading country in Asia ranked 17th. Reporters Without Borders noted that both South Korea, at 69th, and Taiwan had fallen in the rankings this year. [...]

Government undermines promotion of democracy

The Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (台灣民主基金會; TFD) is in the news for all the wrong reasons. There are concerns that direct intervention by the Presidential Office in the TFD’s affairs are undermining its work to promote democracy and human rights. TFD was established in 2003 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and is modelled [...]

Freedom House reports declining media freedom

Freedom House has just released its annual report on media freedom. The report showed press freedom declining for the seventh straight year. Taiwan‘s media freedom declined slightly. It previously had the freest media in Asia, but now ranks second behind Japan. The survey gives countries a score between zero and 100. The lower the score [...]

Independent investigation of police needed

When law enforcement officers and possibly plain-clothed national security agents broke into a room occupied by Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Taichung City councilors at Taipei’s Grand Hotel without a warrant on Nov. 3 last year, many shrugged it off as an isolated incident. When police ordered the closing of the Sunrise Records music store in [...]

Freedom House sounds a warning

More than a month has passed since Freedom House released its annual report in Taipei. Freedom House’s report on the state of political rights and civil liberties did not make any changes to Taiwan‘s score based on events that happened during 2008. However, the staff of Freedom House did express concern and said, “2009 is [...]

Freedom House report released in Taipei

Freedom House Map of Freedom for Asia in 2009. Green represents free, yellow partly free and purple not free. Freedom House released its Freedom in the World 2009 report with a press conference at the Far Eastern Plaza Hotel in Taipei today. The event was hosted by the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy. The 2009 report [...]