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Tag: formosa betrayed

Formosa Betrayed: a quest for truth and justice

After a long wait Formosa Betrayed (被出賣的台灣) has come to Taiwan. I saw the film at the Taichung premiere on Monday night. The premiere was well attended and producer Will Tiao was there to to introduce the film. Tiao said it was the first ever Hollywood film about Taiwan’s White Terror period. He also said [...]

Formosa Betrayed set for February 2010 release

Formosa Betrayed, a political thriller set in Taiwan in the 1980s, now has a worldwide distributor and is set for a release in 15-20 North American cities in February 2010. A tweet from @TaiwaneseAm_org on Twitter said the film will be released on the February 28th weekend. A press release from Taiwanese says the [...]

Formosa Betrayed trailer

Formosa Betrayed has released its trailer and updated its website. Visit for more news and information. The movie will have its premiere at the Asian American International Film Festival in New York on 24 July. It will also show at the Montreal World Film Festival and San Diego Asian Film Festival in coming months. [...]

Formosa Betrayed coming soon

Two and a half years ago I wrote about plans to make a movie about the Taiwanese struggle for democracy in the 1980s. For all those who have been anticipating this movie, the wait is almost over. Formosa Betrayed had its first screening for cast, crew and investors in Hollywood on 28 February. The film [...]

A movie that needs to be made

I found out about plans for this new film from cleverCLAIRE. The film Formosa Betrayed is currently in pre-production with a planned release in 2008. The film is about the struggle of Taiwanese democracy and independence activists during the 1970s and 80s. It is a fictional story based on true events. The following synopsis comes [...]