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Tag: climate change

Typhoon Fanapi strikes Taiwan, causes floods in the south

Image from NASA Earth Observatory Typhoon Fanapi (颱風凡那比) was the first typhoon to directly hit Taiwan this year. It made landfall at Fengbin in Hualien County at 8:40am on Sunday 19 September. The typhoon packed winds that exceeded 200 kilometres per hour. It also caused a Foehn wind which resulted in elevated temperatures in Taitung on Sunday [...]

Greens from Asia Pacific region meet in Taipei

The Asia Pacific Greens Network Congress took place in Taipei from Friday through Sunday. It brought together members of Green parties and environmental activists from many countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region and also from Europe. I attended the conference on Saturday.

Rising sea levels threaten Taipei

I sent a letter about climate change to the Taipei Times on 7 January, but as of today it hasn’t been published (Update: published on 17 January). The Taipei Times published this letter on climate change today (which contains some ridiculous claims) and also Johnny Neihu took an amusing look at the qualities of Shezi [...]

Energy is a hot topic

The National Energy Conference currently being held in Taipei has pushed energy issues into the spotlight. This comes on the back of news earlier this week that German wind power company InfraVest threatened to withdraw from Taiwan if the government did not implement policies to support renewable energy. At the conference President Ma called on [...]

Taiwan’s disappearing coastline

A few days ago the Taiwan News reported  global warming is causing Taiwan’s sea level to rise: Sea levels around the world are gradually on the rise due to global warming, said the report. In his research several years ago, Fan discovered that Taiwan’s sea level was rising at an annual average of 0.32 cm, [...]

Drought, water and climate change

I came across this article in the Taipei Times today which noted that parts of central and southern Taiwan are yet to record any rainfall this year! The article mentions concerns about an imminent drought and then goes on to say, The Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Water Resources Agency issued a warning on Tuesday about [...]

1206 climate change action in Taipei

The 1206 climate change action was held in Taipei today. It was part of an international day of action on climate change. The action is timed to coincide with the UNFCCC climate talks in Poznan, Poland. I also participated in the 2006 and 2007 actions in Taipei. This year the action began at Freedom Square [...]