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Taiwan and the biodiversity crisis

Michael Turton has posted an excellent interview with Dr Bruno Walther about biodiversity in Taiwan. Dr Walther is a visiting professor at Taipei Medical University and also works at the Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute. In the interview he discusses some of the key challenges Taiwan faces to protect its biodiversity. Dr Walther and Klaus [...]

ChthoniC is UNlimited

Limited vision, limited union; Unlimited division, unlimited illusion; Limited freedom, limited right; Unlimited island, unlimited fight."UNlimited Taiwan" by ChthoniC (閃靈) Read more about ChthoniC's UNlimited Taiwan tour of the USA in 2007. Freddy Lim is quoted in the article as saying: It's quite abnormal that Taiwanese artists or performers have said so little on the [...]

YouTube, Taiwan and A-bian

Video sharing website YouTube yesterday launched a Taiwan version of its site. The Taiwan News reports: The internationally popular Web site YouTube yesterday launched a local site "YouTube Taiwan" with a Chinese-language interface, in a bid to encourage more Taiwan users to share their video clips, not only with Chinese-language Web surfers, but also with [...]

Taiwan promotional videos

The Taiwan Government Information Office has just released a new video to promote Taiwan's bid for entry to the UN. The Taipei Times reports: The Government Information Office (GIO) yesterday unveiled ads for print and TV designed to promote the nation's latest application to join the UN. The office's TV commercial shows a whale that [...]

Banqiao to Xindian by bike

This afternoon I rode along the riverside bike path from Banqiao to Xindian. Except for a short section in Banqiao, I hadn't ridden along the bike paths that form quite an extensive network along the rivers in Taipei. I shot some video along the way and you can watch the video above complete with my [...]

Taiwan on Lonely Planet TV

Lonely Planet TV is now out of beta and has officially launched. There are already a few videos of Taiwan. Lonely Planet author Joshua Samuel Brown introduces Taipei in a Guerilla Guide. Joshua writes on his blog that he recorded the interview in front of a blue screen in Melbourne, not on the streets of [...]

Puppet museum

Today I visited the Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum (林柳新紀念偶戲博物館). It is located in the Dadaocheng area, which was once the heart of Taipei, but is now somewhat neglected. Nearby is Dihua Street (迪華街) which is famous for selling cloth and Chinese medicine and also contains the Xiahai City God Temple (霞海城隍廟). A stone's throw [...]