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Archive for 'Trains'

Car free Xinyi and underground Songshan

Following the bike ride yesterday there were more activities in Taipei City today to mark Car Free Day (無車日). Passengers travelling on buses to the Xinyi Special District were given free rides if they used an Easy Card (悠遊卡). The streets around Taipei City Hall were closed to traffic, although buses were still permitted. The [...]

Riding the Kaohsiung MRT

On my visit to Kaohsiung I was keen to check out the Kaohsiung MRT system. The red line (north-south) officially opened in March this year and the orange line (east-west) is scheduled to open next month. They were still busy doing work around the entrances of the orange line stations, so I am not sure [...]

Push car railways in Taiwan

Push car railways are an interesting and unique feature of Taiwanese railway history. Push cars, known as daisha in Japanese (台車 in Chinese), were a key form of transport in Taiwan during the Japanese era. Knapp writes that they were an "important and short-lived form of intermediate technology". Although most studies focus on the role [...]

Hikes and bikes on the MRT

There is some good news for cyclists from the Taipei MRT (via Rank). Cyclists can now take their bicycles on the blue line of the MRT. Some conditions still apply and it is only at certain stations. The MRT has also reduced the ticket price for bicycles and their riders to NT$80. Further details from [...]

Taoyuan Airport Skytrain

I've ridden the HSR, MRT and TRA, but there was still one train system in Taiwan that I had yet to ride. It was the skytrain at the Taoyuan International Airport. I was at the airport today and had some free time so I thought I would take a ride and take some photos too.  [...]

Domestic aviation: cancellations continue

A couple of months ago I wrote about the decline in the domestic aviation as a result of the opening of the high speed rail. An article in the Taipei Times today highlights the ongoing senescence. The Civil Aeronautics Adminis-tration (CAA) said yesterday that it has approved Uni Air's (立榮航空) application to cancel all of [...]

HSR from Taichung to Taipei

It is almost a year since Taiwan's High Speed Rail system opened. Last night I took the 5:16 train from Taichung up to Taipei and made it to my evening class at NCCU with time to spare. The furtherest I'd been on the HSR before was from Taipei to Xinzhu.  You should have no trouble [...]