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Archive for 'Teaching English'

English teaching blog round-up

There have been a few interesting blogs about English teaching in Taiwan recently. I want to post a few links and comments about them.
At Forumosa ImaniOU laments that no matter how well qualified or experienced you are its tough finding a job in Taiwan if you are black. Doubting to shuo further explored the issue [...]

English teaching in the news

In July last year I posted about teaching English in Taiwan. There I noted that the Ministry of Education (MoE) program to recruit foreign teachers for Taiwanese schools had fallen drastically short of its recruitment target.
The Taipei Times reports today that the MoE managed to recruit just 40 teachers for the program.
Despite the [...]

No justice

This recent letter in the Taipei Times highlights the injustice of the recent deportation of some English teachers. There is some more background on the issue in this thread at Forumosa.
The following quote is taken from the letter.
Recently a number of deportation letters have gone out to teachers. These letters give people 14 days in [...]

About teaching in Taiwan

There have been a few interesting blog entries and news articles about teaching in Taiwan recently.
Michael Turton presents a very interesting analysis of why pay rates for foreign teachers have stagnated. Some people suggest the reason for low rates of pay or the lack of pay rises is the presence of many South Africans [...]