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Archive for 'Teaching English'

Some English teaching links

Back when I started this blog I had the intention of writing a lot more about English teaching. However, it hasn't really featured much on the list of topics I write about. Here are some links to other Taiwan bloggers who have written about teaching English in Taiwan.  Globetrotteri suggests a great spelling game that [...]

American English

In Taiwan the English language (英語) is often referred to as Mĕiyŭ (美語), meaning American language rather than English language. Most language schools will use the term Mĕiyŭ in their name rather than Yīngyŭ (英語). The name of the school whose sign is shown above is Yīnggélán Mĕiyŭ (英格蘭美語). This would translate directly into English [...]

Recommended website #4: Teaching English in Taiwan

I am sure most readers of this blog already know Michael Turton's blog, The View from Taiwan. Michael also has a website which is equally voluminous, Michael Turton's Teaching English  in Taiwan Web Pages.  This website contains so much information that I won't claim to have read every page or looked at every photo. However, [...]

Expat interview with David

I was recently interviewed by Expat Interviews about living and working in Taiwan. The interview is now online. I say a little about some of the things I don't like in Taiwan. I always tend to put a pretty positive spin on things in my blog, but I must admit that not everything in this [...]

Show me the money

When I first came to Taiwan in 1999 I was paid NT$480 per hour at ELSI (now known as Kojen). Now seven years later, I am getting paid NT$650 per hour, a 35% increase. It seems ok at first glance. However, when you consider a number of factors it is not very good at all. [...]

This is disgusting

The classified ad shown above appeared in the Taipei Times today. Bad spelling aside, it provides an example of how Taiwanese employers blatantly and unashamedly engage in all kinds of discrimination. This ad very specifically details the nationality, race, age and gender of the person that the employer requires. Discriminating on the basis of race [...]

My new teaching job

I have been working in my new job for a little over three weeks now. So far everything has gone well, perhaps a little better than expected. The two previous times I taught in Taiwan (1999 and 2002) I worked at Kojen (or ELSI as it used to be known). At Kojen I mostly taught [...]