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Archive for 'Yilan'

Cycling the Northern Cross Island Highway

I set off at six o’clock on Monday morning to ride across the Northern Cross Island Highway. This road, which Taiwanese call the Bei Heng (北橫), begins at Daxi in Taoyuan County and goes across the mountains to Yilan. I stopped to eat breakfast somewhere on the road between Xindian and Sanxia. Once I rode [...]

Weekend in Yilan

I went to Yilan on the weekend. I love going there and enjoy the rural feeling with the backdrop of mountains. The rice fields seem to be giving way to new houses at a rapid pace though. I wonder how long it will be before this is just another ugly urban area like many other [...]

206cc in Yilan

My friend 亮亮 is a dedicated member of 206cc and she has long promised to take me on one of their trips. I finally had the chance on Sunday, joining the trip to Yilan. Peugeot 206cc 206cc stands for 206 convertible car. It is also the name of a a club for owners of Peugeot 206 [...]