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Archive for 'Tainan'

What is justice? 正義系啥米

What is justice? (正義系啥米) was held at the Leader University (立德大學) in Tainan yesterday. The event featured a concert with a number of leading Taiwan bands as well as an exhibition about 228 Incident. The event was organised by the Leader University Hot Rock Club (立德大學熱音社) and the 228 Memorial Foundation. An exhibition about 228 [...]

Cycling from Chiayi to Tainan

On Friday I took a bus down to Chiayi along with my friend Ian who was visiting from Australia. I took my own bike down on the bus, while Ian hired a touring bike from the Giant store. The hire service offered by Giant is very good with quality bikes at a reasonable price (more [...]

The bomb and the big mistake

Below are photos of a couple of interesting signs I saw while while in Tainan.  The above sign could perhaps best be described as Chinese with Japanese characteristics. The first two characters, inside the picture of the bomb, are 炸彈 (zhàdàn). However, the form of dàn is actually Kanji rather than the traditional (彈) or [...]

Photos from Tainan

I took almost 700 photos in Tainan and it has taken me a while to sort through them all. I have uploaded some to flickr and more to my photo gallery. Here are the links: Tainan: Gods on parade Tainan and Anping Tainan temples Tainan photo set @ flickr Stone carvings (includes photos from Tainan [...]

Amazing Tainan

My first impression of Tainan (台南) was nothing special. I got off the bus and walked to my hotel; the streets of Tainan looked little different from any other city in Taiwan. After taking a brief rest I set out to explore the city.   It wasn't long before I saw a parade going through [...]