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Archive for 'Penghu'

Observations of the Penghu referendum

The Penghu casino referendum was held on Saturday. I went to observe the referendum as part of the team organised by Citizen Congress Watch (公民監督國會聯盟). I’ll first report on the observation of the referendum voting followed by some analysis of the results of the referendum and its political implications.

Political lessons from Penghu

For the past week I have been involved in various activities of the Anti-gambling Alliance (反賭博合法化聯盟) in their campaign against the plan for a casino on Penghu (澎湖). The residents of Penghu will vote in a referendum on 26 September that will decide whether plans for the casino will be approved. If the referendum passes [...]

Penghu fish death mystery

There have recently been mass fish deaths in the waters around Penghu, a group of islands of the coast of Taiwan. According to the Taipei Times 50 tonnes of fish carcasses were cleaned up from Penghu’s beaches. The impacts on Penghu’s fishing industry are quite severe. An estimated 80% of the stocks in the fish [...]