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Archive for 'Miaoli'

Cycling in Miaoli County

The weekend of cycling began on Saturday when I rode down from Taipei to Hukou for the Blogtoberfest. The next morning I got up early to ride down to Miaoli where I planned to meet a group from the Thousand Mile Island Trail (千里步道). I was familiar with the roads in this area after a [...]

Sanyi to Taipei: Visit to Hwataoyao

Day 4: 31 May 2007 三義 – 台北 In the early morning I rode from the mountains of Sanyi to the sea at Dajia (大甲). The contrast between the green mountains and the industrialised coastal plain was quite stark. I arrived at a small fishing port and then wandered off to the area pictured above. [...]

Nanzhuang to Sanyi: Wood carving and railways

Day 3: 30 May 2007 南庄 – 三義 In the early morning I went for a short hike along the Xiao Dong He trail (小東河步道) behind the guest house. There were no great views, but it went through some nice forest. I had breakfast at the guest house and the owner recommended that I visit [...]

Beipu to Nanzhuang: Through the mountains

Day 2: 29 May 2007 北埔 – 南庄 In the early morning I rode from Beipu to Emei Lake (娥眉湖) where there is a giant statue of Maitreya Buddha (彌勒佛). The statue was built by the Tian'en Buddhist Temple (天恩佛堂). While the statue is finished a temple of similarly grand proportions was being constructed next [...]

Trip to Xinzhu and Miaoli

I've just returned from a four day motorcycle tour around Xinzhu and Miaoli Counties.The trip took me to many interesting villages and temples and through lots of beautiful mountains and countryside. I discovered some amazing places there. I will post a day by day travelogue of the trip on the blog over the next few [...]