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Election campaign posters in Taichung

Although the “five cities” elections (五都選舉) are still more than three months away, billboards promoting election candidates have been in place for many months. Over the last few months I have been photographing some of the billboards around Taichung. Some of the photos with comments are included in this blog post. A larger collection can [...]

Photowalking in Taichung

I had a busy day yesterday taking photos around Taichung. The day began at an Aboriginal Cultural Festival organised by the Taichung City Government. The event featured some traditional dancing as well as some fun activities like the three-legged race pictured above and a tug-of-war. There was also a good range of aboriginal style food [...] 3.0

Taiwan Pictures Digital Archive is a collection of over 3,200 historical photos of Taiwan that was previously launched as Vintage Formosa in March 2008. All the images were collected by  Marc who has just completed a great redesign of the site.

Photowalking around Tunghai University

On Saturday I met up with Mark, Todd and Darren at Art Street (藝術街) in Taichung for a photowalk. Art Street is Taichung’s attempt at creating a European style walking street. I don’t think the street has quite realised the original vision, but it is an interesting neighbourhood nonetheless. A lot of the interesting stuff is [...]

Cosplay at Fancy Frontier 15

It was three years ago that I first attended and photographed a cosplay event at NTU. I went to NTU again today to photograph some of the cosplay action at Fancy Frontier 15. This was also a photowalk event for the Taiwan Photo Club. It was nice to see some other photographers there including Mei, [...]

Freak Out Beast 2010 edition

Freak Out Beast (吵年獸), a music festival featuring a huge line up of Taiwan indie bands, took place on Saturday and Sunday in the space around the Red Theatre in Ximending. I attended both days last year but this year I was only able to attend for one day on Sunday. The event took place [...]

Freestyle motocross at Freedom Square

Freedom Square hosted an exhibition of freestyle motocross riding yesterday afternoon. It was part of the Red Bull X-Fighters exhibition tour. The riders pulled off extreme mid-air maneuvers in the space between the National Theatre and the National Concert Hall. Despite having only a short run up to the launching ramp they gained some serious [...]