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Archive for 'News & media'

Ma Ying-jeou gets on his bike

Taipei's most famous jogger, Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九), has taken a new interest in cycling. Yesterday he set off from the southern tip of Taiwan on a ten day bike ride to the northern tip of Taiwan. 
Yam News reports:
KMT Presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou yesterday set off from Taiwan's southernmost point Eluanbi. He will ride for ten […]

Taroko tilting trains now running

Taiwan's Taroko tilting trains officially began passenger service yesterday. The trains will operate between Taipei and Hualian, cutting travel time on the route from three to two hours. 
The official name of the train is Tàilǔgé hào (太魯閣號) named after Taroko Gorge in Hualian County, one of Taiwan's most famous tourist attractions. 
The new trains were […]

Some MRT news

A report in today's Liberty Times (自由時報) says that fares for the Kaohsiung MRT have been set. The fares are from NT$25 to 60 according to the distance travelled. The fares are about NT$5 more expensive than the Taipei MRT. 
The red line of the Kaohsiung MRT is scheduled to open before the end of this […]

The good, the bad and the ugly

The May 2007 issue of Taiwan Review focuses on the topic of "Built environment: Innovation and Renovation". It covers a range of topics related to urban renewal and architecture in Taiwan. 
The first article "Redress the mess" talks about urban renewal. It examines some of the reasons for failure of urban renewal programs. One major problem […]

Climate change is very real

Climate change is yet to receive a prominent position in political discourse in Taiwan. However, this may be set to change in the near future. 
The Taiwan News today reports that the EPA has demanded action on CO2 emmissions. Currently Taiwan produces about 12 tons of CO2 per capita. This compares with the global average […]

New Taiwan blog: Thirsty Ghosts

Ron Brownlow from the Taipei Times informed me about a new group blog Thirsty Ghosts. It features writing and photos by Taiwan-based journalists, photographers and translators, currently writing for Newsweek, Reuters, Taipei Times, Far Eastern Economic Review, Asia Times and other publications.
One of the recent articles is Ron's piece about otaku that appeared in the […]

Betel nut girls in the news

There is an article in today's Taipei Times by Jules Quartly about Tobie Openshaw's Betelnut Beauty photo exhibition. It is well worth a read and makes a number of interesting points.
In the article Kloie Picot, a Canadian photojournalist comments on the exhibition. 
They are not pornographic because they do not “cross the line,” according to […]

Taiwanese media covers kiss and ride

After Reuters put out an article on the "kiss and ride" signs in Taiwan's high speed rail stations earlier this week the story has been picked up by the Taiwanese media today. Taiwan's two top-selling daily newspapers, the Apple Daily (蘋果日報) and the Liberty Times (自由時報) both had articles about "kiss and ride". 
The Liberty Times […]

Kiss and ride: news and comments

Since Reuters put out an article about the "Kiss and Ride" signs at the high speed rail stations in Taiwan there have been many comments on my blog. The Reuters article was reprinted in the China Post here in Taiwan. Around the world it also appeared in a number of places. Marc noted in the […]

Reuters on “Kiss and Ride”

My post about the "Kiss and Ride" signs at the High Speed Rail stations has attracted a lot of attention. The signs have just been the subject of a Reuters article and will no doubt be reprinted in newspapers around the world over the next couple of days. The article mentions this blog and also […]