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Taiwan and the biodiversity crisis

Michael Turton has posted an excellent interview with Dr Bruno Walther about biodiversity in Taiwan. Dr Walther is a visiting professor at Taipei Medical University and also works at the Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute. In the interview he discusses some of the key challenges Taiwan faces to protect its biodiversity. Dr Walther and Klaus [...]

Movie review: The Fourth Portrait

The Fourth Portrait (第四張畫) paints a wonderful picture of the life of a young boy, Xiang played by Bi Xiao-hai (畢曉海), who struggles to find his place in a world of poverty and domestic violence. It is the second film for director Chung Mong-hong (鍾孟宏) who made his directorial debut with Parking in 2008. The story begins [...]

Film festival to promote dialogue on death penalty issue

The Murder by Numbers Film Festival  (殺人影展3:亞洲與世界的對話), featuring films and documentaries on the theme of the death penalty, is on from 8-10 October in Taipei. It will be followed by screenings in Hsinchu and on university campuses later in the month. The festival coincides with the World Day Against the Death Penalty on 10 October. The festival is [...]

Formosa Betrayed: a quest for truth and justice

After a long wait Formosa Betrayed (被出賣的台灣) has come to Taiwan. I saw the film at the Taichung premiere on Monday night. The premiere was well attended and producer Will Tiao was there to to introduce the film. Tiao said it was the first ever Hollywood film about Taiwan’s White Terror period. He also said [...]

2010 Taipei Film Festival

The 12th Taipei Film Festival (台北電影節) opens on Friday 25 June and runs until 15 July. The venues for the screenings are Zhongshan Hall (中山堂) and the Shinkong Cineplex (新光影城) in the Ximending area and Governor Cinemas (總督影城) in Chang’an East Road. This year’s city in focus is Rio de Janeiro. There is also a section for [...]

Another Sunday in Taipei

Pinoy Sunday (台北星期天) directed by Ho Wi-ding (何蔚庭) tells the story of Manuel (Epy Quizon) and Dado (Bayani Agbayani), two Filipinos who work in a bicycle factory on the outskirts of Taipei. The film begins by giving some background to their lives in the city. We see their basic accommodation in the factory where they yearn for [...]

Coffee, dreams and the value of things

Taipei Exchanges (第36個故事) directed by Hsiao Ya-chuan (蕭雅全) is a movie set in Taipei that explores the theme of the value of things. In a city where capitalism and money dominates daily life the movie imagines an alternative of barter, storytelling and dreaming. The movie is set in a cafe that Doris (played by Guai Lun-mei 桂綸鎂) opens [...]