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Archive for 'Human rights'

Catholic priest works for human rights

Ron Brownlow has written another great article on on the difficulties faced by migrant workers in Taiwan. He tells the story of Reverend Peter Nguyen Van Hung, a Catholic priest who established the Vietnamese Migrant Workers & Brides Office in Taoyuan.
He provides assistance to Vietnamese migrants who have been victims of labor exploitation or […]

The slavery continues

There is another excellent article by Ron Brownlow in today’s Taipei Times detailing some of the problems faced by foreign workers in Taiwan. Ron also wrote about this problem a few months ago.
It seems nothing has changed. These problems have, of course, existed for years. They came to the public’s attention after a group […]

Human trafficking in Taiwan

I blogged about the problems with human trafficking in Taiwan back in June. David at jujuflop has just posted an analysis of the report.
He makes the conclusion that things in Taiwan aren’t really getting worse. It’s just that the US now has a clearer picture of the situation.
In three years, the tone of […]

This is disgusting

The classified ad shown above appeared in the Taipei Times today. Bad spelling aside, it provides an example of how Taiwanese employers blatantly and unashamedly engage in all kinds of discrimination. This ad very specifically details the nationality, race, age and gender of the person that the employer requires. Discriminating on the basis […]

Taiwan is no better than China

A report from the US State Department has ranked Taiwan equal with China for its failure to address human trafficking. The Taipei Times carried an article about it yesterday. The articles states:
In an annual report on global trafficking in persons, the department rated Taiwan as one of the world’s worst performers in the global sex […]

Foreign workers raise their voice

Conditions for foreign workers may not have improved much since the Thai workers rioted in Kaohsiung back in August, but the political shockwaves are now being felt. Much of the poor showing by the DPP in the recent local elections can be attributed to the corruption and mismanagement of the DPP government that was exposed […]

No justice

This recent letter in the Taipei Times highlights the injustice of the recent deportation of some English teachers. There is some more background on the issue in this thread at Forumosa.
The following quote is taken from the letter.
Recently a number of deportation letters have gone out to teachers. These letters give people 14 days in […]

Respect your elders

I was shocked to read today that Linda Gail Arrigo may possibly be forced to leave Taiwan this month over problems with her residency status. The Taiwan News thought this news worthy of an editorial while the Taipei Times merely ran it as a photo with a caption. It is also a topic at Forumosa. […]

Thailand reflects on Taiwan

An editorial in The Nation yesterday reflects on the poor treatment of Thai workers in Taiwan and what it really means for Thailand.
The labour situation in highly industrialised Taiwan is, in a number of ways, similar to what is happening in Thailand: the demand for unskilled and semi-skilled labour far outstrips supply, necessitating import […]

Thai workers protest

Hundreds of Thai workers started a riot in Kaohsiung on Sunday night in protest against poor working conditions. Among their grievances were bans on alcohol, mobile phones and buying food from outside.
Reading the news reports it seems that the conditions under which the workers were employed were little better than being in prison. The […]