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Youth must speak out to protect internet freedom

I had a letter published in the Taipei Times today in response to two recent incidents where freedom of speech on the internet was threatened. I wrote an article on my posterous blog which gives some more background on the issue. The post also includes links to the Hu’s girls videos. Tim Maddog has written a [...]

Announcing the 2010 blog awards

Taiwanderful has just announced the 2010 Taiwan best blog awards. The awards are now in their third year and seek to promote English-language blogs about Taiwan. Last year the awards introduced a peer-judged section and I invited a small group of Taiwan bloggers to act as the judges. This year the peer-judged section will continue, [...]

Taiwan’s English-language media gets more digital

This week saw two significant changes to Taiwan‘s English-language newspapers. The first was the announcement by the Taiwan News on Tuesday that it would cease publishing a print edition and only be available online. The paper, established in 1949 as the China News, changed its name to Taiwan News after it was purchased by the [...] 3.0

Taiwan Pictures Digital Archive is a collection of over 3,200 historical photos of Taiwan that was previously launched as Vintage Formosa in March 2008. All the images were collected by  Marc who has just completed a great redesign of the site.


最近我搜集幾篇中文文章開個中文blog。其實我不太會寫中文,只有兩篇我自己寫的文章,其他的文章是別人翻譯的或別人寫有關於David的。謝謝Mart Ho的幫助。連結以下。 Translation: I have collected together a number of articles written in Chinese to start a Chinese-language blog. I can’t write Chinese very well and only two of the articles were written by me. The other articles are translations of my English-language articles or articles written by other people about me. Thanks to [...]

Winners of the blog awards

The winners of the 2009 Taiwan blog awards have been announced at Taiwanderful. Special congratulations to A Hungry Girl’s Guide to Taipei for winning the peer-judged award for overall best blog. shu flies won the online vote for the overall best blog. Thanks to Ben, Portnoy, Carrie, Todd and DJ Marcus for judging the blogs [...]

Vote for the best blogs

Voting in the 2009 Taiwan Best Blog Awards started today. Visit the Taiwan blog directory at Taiwanderful to cast your votes. Anybody can vote for their favorite blogs via the Digg style voting mechanism. You can vote for as many blogs as you like and there is no need to register. More details of how [...]