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Video: Statement of support for Taiwan

Ben Goren has posted a short video on his blog that is a statement of support for Taiwan‘s independence and the right of the people of Taiwan to freely determine their own future. If you agree with the statement you can record a video of yourself making the statement and post it on your blog, Facebook or YouTube. If you can translate the statement into languages other than English that would be great. Taiwanese people are encouraged to record the statement in Mandarin, Hoklo, Hakka and Austronesian languages.

Text of statement:

My name is ______________ and I love this country, Taiwan.  I recognise that Taiwan is a sovereign and independent democratic country.  I do not recognise the existence of the 1992 Consensus and I do not accept any interpretation of the ‘One China Principle’ that includes Taiwan. I will not be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Republic of China. I support any party that wishes Taiwanese to solely determine their own future free of any form of coercion.

Update: 聲明的中文版

我的名字是 ______, 我愛台灣這個國家. 我認同台灣是一個主權獨立的民主國家. 我不承認92共識的存在性, 而我也不接受任何包含台灣在內的”一個中國原則”的解釋. 我將不會慶祝中華民國的一百年國慶. 我支持任何一方同意台灣的未來應在不受任何脅迫的情況下, 由其人民獨自決定.

*Video can be viewed on YouTube and Vimeo.

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