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Taiwanese cinema in 2010

Taiwanese movie posters 2010

2010 saw a number of interesting Taiwanese films released. I saw and reviewed a good cross section of them on this blog. The gangster film Monga (艋舺) was the year’s big hit raking in over NT$250 million at the box office.

Au Revoir Taipei (一頁台北) and Taipei Exchanges (第36個故事) were two enjoyable films that showed a certain savviness in appealing to audiences. Seven Days in Heaven (父後七日), a drama about a funeral ceremony, also enjoyed quite good success. (I saw it but didn’t write a review.)

Pinoy Sunday (台北星期天) and The Fourth Portrait (第四張畫) were two films that looked at the experience of migrants in Taiwan from very different angles. Pinoy Sunday was a comic look at the lives of two Filipino workers in Taipei. While The Fourth Portrait was a serious drama that included the story of a Chinese woman struggling to adapt to life in Taiwan.

2010 also saw the long awaited release of Formosa Betrayed (被出賣的台灣) in Taiwan. I attended the premiere in Taichung. Although it was not the first film to address Taiwan’s White Terror period, it was the first to directly portray many of the historical events. I reviewed Tears (眼淚) in 2009 although it was officially released in Taiwan in 2010. Like Formosa Betrayed it had a theme of transitional justice, although Taiwanese director Cheng Wen-tang (鄭文堂) took a notably different approach to the issue. Tears focuses on the life of a policeman as he seeks to come to terms with his wrongdoings earlier in his career.

As a result of moving from Taipei to Taichung I missed the chance to attend the Taipei Film Festival and the Golden Horse Film Festival this year. I did get to Taipei for the Taiwan premiere of the The Cove, which was the opening of the Urban Nomad Film Festival. I also got to see several more films from the Urban Nomad Film Festival at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taichung. I also saw a number of films at the 2010 International Indigenous Film Festival at the Fine Arts Museum.

The release of Wei Te-sheng’s (魏德聖) historical epic Seediq Bale (賽德克・巴萊) will be the most anticipated moment in Taiwanese cinema in 2011. It is set to be released in two parts in September.

*The Taipei Times also has a review of Taiwanese movies in 2010. Check out the Taiwan movie guide at Taiwanderful. It has information about many Taiwanese movies released in the last few years.

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