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Election campaign posters in Taichung

Taichung election campaign posters

Although the “five cities” elections (五都選舉) are still more than three months away, billboards promoting election candidates have been in place for many months. Over the last few months I have been photographing some of the billboards around Taichung. Some of the photos with comments are included in this blog post. A larger collection can be found in the “Five Cities” Election Campaign Posters gallery at my Taiwan photo gallery site. Although the focus is on Taichung I hope I will get the chance to add some photos from other cities in Taiwan before the elections are held.

Most of the posters tend to have a pretty simple design. There is a large photo of the candidate occasionally adopting poses such as the raised fist.  There are usually only a few words describing the candidate such as their party and the position they are running for. This is also often accompanied by words such as “hard-working”, “capable” and “honest” indicating the candidate’s qualities and also the phrase “earnestly requesting your vote”. A few posters do vary from this theme and get a little bit more creative though.

DPP candidate promotes free bus

This poster is for Wang Li-ren (王立任), a DPP candidate for city councillor for Shalu, Wuqi and Qingshui townships. He is promoting the idea of a free bus service from Taichung City to the towns on the coast.

Only women for DPP in Taichung

Another DPP candidate Lai Chia-wei (賴佳微) proclaims that she is “the only woman” (唯一女性). This is probably because she is the only female DPP candidate nominated in the North District of Taichung. There is a quota that means a minimum of 25% of candidates elected to city councillor positions must be women.

Su Jia-chyuan DPP candidate for Taichung Mayor

The DPP’s candidate for Mayor of Greater Taichung, Su Jia-chyuan (蘇嘉全), has adopted a very simple clean style for his campaign posters. His key point is a “new government” (新政) for Taichung. Su also appears alongside many DPP candidates for city councillor in their campaign posters.

Jason Hu and city council candidate

I haven’t seen many posters of Jason Hu (胡志強), the current Mayor of Taichung and KMT candidate for Mayor of Greater Taichung. I did find this one of him with a KMT candidate for the city council.

KMT kangaroo man

Liu Shih-chou (劉士州),  KMT candidate for city councillor, is proudly wearing an “I love Taichung” t-shirt while meeting some kangaroos in Australia!

KMT little blue truck

Of course ads aren’t just plastered to the side of buildings. The little blue truck is promoting a KMT candidate for city councillor. Of course when it drives around it also broadcasts pleas for votes via loudspeakers.

TSU candidate in Taichung

Of course the election is not just about the DPP and KMT. There are candidates for the Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU), other minor parties and independents. The poster above is for a TSU candidate for city councillor in Taichung.

Taichung MRT

This candidate doesn’t state his party affiliation but he is calling for an MRT in Taichung. I have noticed several campaign posters with this theme around Taichung.

Interesting character on poster

Finally an interesting Chinese character is being put to use on this poster. It combines the left hand radical of county (縣) with the character for city (市) to represent the merger of Taichung City and County. The Zhuyin Fuhao alongside the character indicates that it is pronounced dū. This is probably borrowed from the character 都 (dū) meaning city or metropolitan area.

*Don’t forget to check “Five Cities” Election Campaign Posters gallery for more photos. It will be updated regularly until the election on 27 November.

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Comment from nostalgiphile
Time 21 August 2010 at 1:59 pm

I saw that one with the kangaroos and laughed too. Guess it was important for him to show he’s a “cute”, likeable dude who’s down with both local people and foreign animals.

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Time 22 August 2010 at 12:19 pm

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