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Typhoon Morakot flooding update

Following on from my post yesterday here is some more information about the damage caused by flooding from Typhoon Morakot (颱風莫拉克).

The Taiwan HSR website says trains are operating every half hour between Taipei and Zuoying today. Taiwan Railways website says there are no trains operating between Xinying and Shanhua in Tainan County. A transfer bus is operating between these two stations. Between Shanhua and Kaohsiung trains are running every 30 minutes. There are no services on the southern link line. A section of the line at Taimali in Taidong County was destroyed and the flooding has affected the foundations of the Linbian River Bridge in Pingdong. Taipei-Hualien-Taitung services are running as normal, but trains to Taidong are stopping at Luye and passengers must transfer to Taitung by bus.

A group of people from the Association of Digital Culture Taiwan (台灣數位文化協會) have established a website called the Morakot Internet Disaster Centre (莫拉克災情網路中心). They are also twittering news at @taiwanfloods and floods at Plurk. All the information is in Chinese so I will try to translate some of it to help give a better picture of the extent of the damage and the situation with providing disaster relief.

Information about bridges destroyed or closed was posted at 9am today. Six bridges were destroyed in Kaohsiung, Pingdong and Chiayi Counties. A further 39 bridges are closed. There is also information about road closures, also updated at 9am this morning. The number of roads closed are too numerous to list here. Information about water levels in reservoirs is also available.

I will provide a selection of recent tweets from @taiwanfloods with translations. These have all been tweeted after 7am on Monday 10 August.

taiwanfloods [屏東][霧台]好茶村,全村淹沒,道路中斷,目前已經遷出,但仍有一人受困,請求救援,聯絡電話0910-918322。 #Rescue #Pingtung #taiwanfloods #Morakot [Pingdong, Wutai: Haocha Village is submerged, the road is broken, at the moment people are moving out, but there is still one person trapped. Please call for help. Contact phone 0910-918322]

taiwanfloods [台南][麻豆]海埔的麻學路,目前仍然水淹至膝,車輛無法通行。 #Tainan #taiwanfloods #Morakot [Tainan, Madou: The port's Maxue Road is still submerged knee deep. No vehicles can pass.]

taiwanfloods [台南][學甲]西明里中山路193之1號,獨居老人王美玉,行動不便,因淹水爬到床上待援,住家是平房,水勢一直上漲,老人害怕無援,電話0938-097725。 #Rescue #Tainan #taiwanfloods #Morakot [Tainan, Xuejia: Ximing Borough, Zhongshan Road 193-1, old person living alone Wang Mei-yu who is not very mobile, because of the flood went on to her bed to wait for help. The house is single story and the water level is rising. The old person is afraid of not getting help. Phone 0938-097725]

taiwanfloods [台南]截至今早為止,已經救出1775人台南縣民,感謝地方政府與國軍的努力。 #Tainan #taiwanfloods #Morakot [Tainan: Up until this morning, 1775 Tainan County residents have been evacuated. Thanks to the local government and the military for their efforts.]

taiwanfloods [屏東][林邊]仁愛路仍然水淹一層樓高,需要水跟糧食,聯絡電話0938-675752。 #Water #Food #Pingtung #taiwanfloods #Morakot [Pingdong, Linbian: Ren'ai Road is still underwater two stories deep. Need water and food. Contact phone 0938-675752]

taiwanfloods [嘉義][東石]副瀨村與龍港村,水深過腰,有越淹越高的趨勢。 #Chiayi #taiwanfloods #Morakot [Chiayi, Dongshi: In Fulai and Longgang villages the water is waste deep and rising.]

taiwanfloods [高雄][三民]目前民族村民能逃離的,已聚集在民族平台上等待救援,但人群裡有很多小朋友都已經發燒,還有很多人受傷。除需要緊急撤離,需保暖的毛毯食物,仍有人員留在部落裡面,籲請外界盡快救援,電話0912478375。 #Kaoshung #taiwanfloods #Morakot [Kaohsiung, Sanmin: Presently Mincun village residents are evacuating. They are assembled on a platform waiting for rescue, but  there are many children with a fever and people injured. As well as needing urgent evacuation, they need blankets and food. Some residents are still in the village asking for urgent outside assistance. Phone 0912478375]

taiwanfloods [嘉義][阿里山]里佳村為阿里山鄉最偏遠的深山部落,颱風登陸前一天有與村裡居民聯繫,但登陸至今都無法連絡村內居民,且聯外道路169線中斷,電力通訊都已斷了2天以上,約有100多位村民受困。聯絡電話0928780926。 #Chiayi #taiwanfloods #Morakot [Chiayi, Alishan: Lijia Village is Alishan's most remote village in the deep mountains. The day before the typhoon reached Taiwan residents were in contact. However, from the time the typhoon hit to now there has been no contact. The No. 169 road is also broken. Electronic communications have been out for more than two days. More than 100 residents are trapped. Contact phone 0928780926]

2009-08-09-taiwan-rain2009-08-10-taiwan-rain-to-10amRainfall charts from the Central Weather Bureau show extremely heavy rains in Southern and Central Taiwan yesterday. Heavy rains have continued in the southern mountain areas today.

Taiwan News reports on the levels of rainfall received.

On Saturday, the bureau’s Weiliaoshan water station in the Sandimen mountains of Pingtung County recorded 1403 mm of precipitation, a new high for a single day of rainfall in Taiwan, Chen said.


Moreover, 13 other CWB water stations also recorded more than 1000 mm of rainfall Saturday, which was a record in itself for the number of areas receiving such huge volumes of precipitation in a single day.

“So far, nine out of the 10 highest single-day precipitation records at various CWB stations around Taiwan were from Typhoon Morakot,” Chen said.

As of 11: 40 p.m. Saturday, Hsinan water station in Kaohsiung County had recorded 1287 mm of rainfall, which was the second highest level ever recorded, followed by Yuyoushan station in Kaohsiung County with 1267 mm.

This disaster highlights how poor English language media in Taiwan is at covering breaking news. Hopefully more detailed reports should come out shortly. TTV quotes from the United Daily News (聯合報) that there are currently 15 people dead and 65 missing. (Update: The death toll may rise significantly in the next few days. AP reports 400 people possibly missing.)

Here are some links to news reports from Taiwan television stations on YouTube.

Update: Dragonbones has posted information about where to donate goods on the Taiwan Ho forum. There are donation points in Taipei, Kaohsiung, Tainan, Pingdong and Chiayi. The main things required are dried or non-perishable foodstuffs.

For those who can read Chinese the DPP has set up a blog with information about mobilising for the disaster relief efforts. It has contact information for the support centres set up in Kaohsiung City and County, Pingdong County, Chiayi County, Tainan County, Taipei County and DPP HQ in Taipei. You can also register as a volunteer on the blog. The DPP also have a brief update on their English-language blog and an English form to register as a volunteer.

The Morakot Internet Disaster Centre has a page with information about where to donate goods. There are also bank account details for those who wish to donate cash.

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Pingback from Language Hinders International Microdonations | Typhoon Morakot
Time August 10, 2009 at 1:19 pm

[...] across the world to determine the best way we as individuals can provide relief. David Reid acutely writes: “This disaster highlights how poor English language media in Taiwan is at covering breaking [...]

Comment from taipeimarc
Time August 11, 2009 at 3:18 pm

Hi David –

fyi1: There is a good youtube of the hotel crashing into the river here:

fyi2: If you put “pwn” in front of any youtube you can save that video to your harddisk. For example, to save the video I just mentioned as an mp4 to your hardisk, type in the address bar:

Comment from David Reid
Time August 11, 2009 at 4:35 pm

Thanks Marc. The PTS channel on YouTube has a comprehensive series of news reports too.

The Big Picture has a good collection of photos from Taiwan, China and the Philippines at