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No Nukes Concert at Fulong

2009 08 02_no-nukes-fulong_4435

When I got off the train in Fulong (福隆) yesterday afternoon there was a bit of cloud cover and a sea breeze making the temperature a little more bearable than in Taipei. While many people come to Fulong to cool off at the beach I headed to the area in front of the Dongxing Temple (東興宮) for the No Nukes Concert (諾努客之環境音樂會).

2009 08 02_no-nukes-fulong_4503

An article by T.C. Chang explains the reasons for holding the concert. Chang writes that Gongliao is a very important place in the history of Taiwan’s environment movement. In 2000 the Taipei County Government began holding the Ho Hai Yan Music Festival (海洋音樂祭)  on Fulong Beach. In the early years of this annual festival the Green Citizens’ Action Alliance (GCAA; 綠色公民行動聯盟) held activities to inform people about the nuclear power plant. However, Ho Hai Yan has become very commercialised the GCAA decided to hold their own concert to return to the original spirit of Gongliao.

The fourth nuclear power plant is clearly visible at the end of the beach (see top photo) and served as a constant reminder of the reason for holding the concert. The construction of the plant has been subject to many delays and it is not expected to commence operating until 2012.

2009 08 02_no-nukes-fulong_4416

The concert featured many bands and musicians who are dedicated to social and environmental causes. A few of the bands composed anti-nuclear songs especially for the concert. Wu Chih-ning (吳志寧) of 929 is pictured above performing “Gongliao, How are you?” (貢尞,你好嗎?) with the Lao Lin Jia Band (老林家樂團).

2009 08 02_no-nukes-fulong_4565

Nabu and Panai are actively involved in the anti-nuclear movement through their opposition to the proposed nuclear waste facility in Taidong County. They will also be at the Taitung Music Festival with their group Message from 5-9 August.

2009 08 02_no-nukes-fulong_4469

As well as music local farmers had some of their produce on sale. One stall was selling goat milk and they even brought along the goat and its kid.

2009 08 02_no-nukes-fulong_4480

And while some enjoyed the music others enjoyed the surf. Let’s hope the future in Fulong holds more surfing, more music and no nukes!

*More photos in the No Nukes Concert set at flickr.

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