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Links 27 October 2008

Great to see so many people at the Blogtoberfest in Hukou. Many thanks to the Bushman and Hui-chen for hosting the event. More in another post.

The 1025 Safeguard Taiwan protest in Taipei on Saturday had 600,000 people in attendance according to the Apple Daily. I have posted some links at Global Voices.

Events: The International Documentary Film Festival is on from 31 October to 9 November the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taizhong. Amnesty International’s Small Places Tour features some great Taiwanese bands playing around Taiwan over the next couple of months. Also check the Taiwanderful events calendar for more upcoming events.

In the news: Scientific research shows typhoons play a role in the carbon cycle, burying carbon on the ocean floor. Chinese dissident, Chen Pokong (陳破空), warns Taiwan to be cautious in relations with China. Taiwan Journal article on the typhoon related mess in Lushan. Johnny Neihu on the politics of pouring concrete.

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