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Green Party bike ride

Green Party bike ride in Taipei, 6 Jan 2008

The Taiwan Green Party held a bike ride around Taipei City today to campaign for the Legislative Yuan election, which will be held on 12 January 2008. A small group of cyclists gathered at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall on Sunday afternoon for the start of the ride. It was a beautiful sunny winter's day in Taipei and a great day for riding around the city. 

Green Party election candidate Pan Han-shen is interviewed by the media before the start of the bike rid

Pan Han-shen (潘翰聲) is the Green Party candidate for the Xinyi and Songshan district in Taipei City. He is pictured above being interviewed by the media. If you want to know more about the Green Party's campaign for the Legislative election check out their election blog. The bike ride was a good example of what the Taipei Times calls imaginative campaigning by Taiwan's minor parties. 

Green Party bike ride in Taipei, 6 Jan 2008

Although not many people joined the ride everyone was happy and enthusiastic.  

TSU members campaigning for the Legislative election in Ximending, Taipei

In Ximending the bike ride met up with some people campaigning for the TSU. Surprisingly, only six days before the election, they were the only people we saw out campaigning on the ride around Taipei. 

David at Freedom Square on the Green Party bike ride, 6 Jan 2008

The ride passed by Freedom Square (自由廣場) before it finally came to a conclusion in Gongguan. On the ride I learnt that a Critical Mass ride has recently started in Taipei and Kaohsiung. It is on the last weekend of every month. Have a look at the wonderfully named blog Bike Smiling (微笑單車上路) for more information. 

*more photos at flickr.  

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Comment from Portnoy
Time 13 January 2008 at 10:57 am

What a pity! I joined the other ride the last last week.

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