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Tag: xindian

How the KMT constructs history

Last week I visited the KMT headquarters in Bade Road with some students from the Taiwan Studies program at NCCU. The ground floor is adorned with some large photos of Chiang Ching-kuo (蔣經國) commemorating the 100th anniversary of his birth. On the ground floor there is also a small museum of the history of the [...]

Bitan Music Festival photos

The Bitan Music Festival was a series of free concerts held on the bank of the Xindian River in Bitan. The festival began on 10 January with performances every weekend. I only attended a few days of musical performances, but I saw some fantastic performances. Yerboli Ahmethan (葉爾波利) is a Kazakh musician from Xinjiang, China. [...]

Typhoon Jangmi

Just two weeks after Typhoon Sinlaku another major typhoon struck Taiwan on Sunday. Typhoon Jangmi (薔蜜颱風) bought large amounts of rain to the north of Taiwan. The photo above shows the Xindian River in Bitan near its peak level on Sunday evening. It was about the same as the peak reached during Typhoon Krosa in [...]

Typhoon Sinlaku hits Taiwan

Typhoon Sinlaku (颱風辛樂克) hit Taiwan over the weekend bringing torrential rains to the north of Taiwan and the Central Mountain Range. Many locations in the mountains recorded more than 1,000 millimetres of rain.The Taipei Times reports: Shipanlong (石磐龍) in Chiayi County had experienced the biggest accumulation of rain as of press time, topping 1,158mm. It [...]

Hiking around Xindian & Maokong

This morning I set out to explore some of the trails branching off from the Yinhe Cave trail. Above the Yinhe Cave (銀河洞) there is a branch of the trail pointing to Simiantou Shan (四面頭山). This trail is poorly made and there are no further signs.  Part of the trail travels along the creek bed.  [...]

Once was a prison

Taiwan Human Rights Memorial (台灣人權景美園區) was officially opened by President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) on Monday, which was Human Rights Day. The park, located in Xindian, Taipei County,  was formerly known as the Jingmei Military Detention Centre (景美軍事看守所). The centre was used to try and hold political prisoners during the martial law era and was converted [...]

It’s raining again…

Rain associated with Tropical Storm Mitag are currently affecting much of Taiwan. It looks like the storm has turned back out to sea after hitting The Philippines and won't directly hit Taiwan. However, it is still dumping plenty of rain on the island. According to the Taipei Times, Nioudou (牛鬥) in Yilan County received 623mm [...]