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Tag: weather

Typhoon Morakot flooding update

Following on from my post yesterday here is some more information about the damage caused by flooding from Typhoon Morakot (颱風莫拉克).
The Taiwan HSR website says trains are operating every half hour between Taipei and Zuoying today. Taiwan Railways website says there are no trains operating between Xinying and Shanhua in Tainan County. A transfer bus [...]

Typhoon Morakot hits southern Taiwan hard

Typhoon Morakot (颱風莫拉克) hit Taiwan on Friday and Saturday bringing torrential rains that caused serious flooding in the south of Taiwan. It rained throughout most of the day in Taipei on Friday and there were some strong gusts of wind, but no serious damage in the north.

Media outlets in Taiwan have been reporting the situation [...]

Drought, water and climate change

I came across this article in the Taipei Times today which noted that parts of central and southern Taiwan are yet to record any rainfall this year! The article mentions concerns about an imminent drought and then goes on to say,
The Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Water Resources Agency issued a warning on Tuesday about a [...]

Typhoon Jangmi

Just two weeks after Typhoon Sinlaku another major typhoon struck Taiwan on Sunday. Typhoon Jangmi (薔蜜颱風) bought large amounts of rain to the north of Taiwan. The photo above shows the Xindian River in Bitan near its peak level on Sunday evening. It was about the same as the peak reached during Typhoon Krosa in [...]

Typhoon Sinlaku hits Taiwan

Typhoon Sinlaku (颱風辛樂克) hit Taiwan over the weekend bringing torrential rains to the north of Taiwan and the Central Mountain Range. Many locations in the mountains recorded more than 1,000 millimetres of rain.The Taipei Times reports:
Shipanlong (石磐龍) in Chiayi County had experienced the biggest accumulation of rain as of press time, topping 1,158mm. It was [...]

It’s raining again…

Rain associated with Tropical Storm Mitag are currently affecting much of Taiwan. It looks like the storm has turned back out to sea after hitting The Philippines and won't directly hit Taiwan. However, it is still dumping plenty of rain on the island. According to the Taipei Times, Nioudou (牛鬥) in Yilan County received 623mm [...]

Typhoon Krosa: superstorm

Typhoon Krosa (颱風柯羅莎) hit Taiwan with great force on Saturday. At Zhongshan MRT Station on Saturday morning I found this sign. It says exits 3 & 4 were closed for the typhoon. The MRT was still running and 7-11 was still open though! And on Saturday afternoon the typhoon didn't stop the Free Burma protest [...]

Beautiful sunrise

I woke up early this morning and saw an array of beautiful colors in the sky. I grabbed my camera and went outside and captured the photo above. You can see some more photos of the sunrise at flickr.