Taiwan’s best blogs in 2011

Taiwanderful recently announced the 2011 Taiwan Best Blog Awards. To enter your blog you need to make sure you are registered at Taiwanderful before 10 December. Voting will take place from 10-30 December. I am no longer directly involved in running the awards but this blog will not be entered in the awards even though it is registered at Taiwanderful.

In previous years I have used the blog awards as a time to post links to some of my favourite Taiwan blogs. Even though I’m no longer in Taiwan I still read a number of Taiwan blogs and find them a great way of keeping in touch with what’s happening in Formosa. A list of some blogs I like in several categories follows. Continue reading

Announcing the winners of the 2010 blog awards

Taiwan blog awards winners

The votes have been counted and the announcement of the winners of the 2010 Taiwan Best Blog Awards is now online at Taiwanderful. The peer-judged award for overall best blog was shared by Neil Wade’s Photography Blog and Letters from Taiwan. The popular online vote for overall best blog was won by My Kafkaesque life. Go to Taiwanderful for the complete list of winners.

One of the aims of the awards is to increase linking between Taiwan blogs so it was great to see Lao Ren Chan, shu flies and Craig Ferguson post lists of their favorite Taiwan blogs. Thanks to TimCatherineBenCraigDrewBrianPortnoy and Trista for voting in the peer-judged section of the awards. Thanks also to everyone who entered their blogs in the awards or participated in the online voting. Lastly a big thanks to Fili for handling all the technical matters at Taiwanderful.

Vote in the Taiwan blog awards

Vote in Taiwan blog awards

Voting is now open in the 2010 Taiwan blog awards. Anyone can participate in the online popular vote and there is no need to register. You can find more details about the voting at Taiwanderful. You can also go directly to the Taiwan blog directory and cast your votes.

Updated: This year anyone with a Taiwan related blog can vote in the peer-judged section of the awards. The voting is via an online form. Just send me an e-mail or message on Facebook or Twitter and I will provide you with the link to the online form.

You can also join the Taiwanderful Facebook page or follow @Taiwanderful on Twitter for news and updates about the awards. There is also now a Taiwan Bloggers group at Facebook.

Some great Taiwan blogs in 2010

In the lead up to the 2010 Taiwan blog awards I wanted to note some of my favorite Taiwan blogs. Many of these blogs are listed in the blog directory at Taiwanderful and will be in the running for the blog awards. Also check out Bloggers in Taiwan which features a blog every week and has a very comprehensive blog roll.


These blogs do a great job interpreting some of the nuances of Taiwan politics.

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Announcing the 2010 blog awards

Taiwanderful has just announced the 2010 Taiwan best blog awards. The awards are now in their third year and seek to promote English-language blogs about Taiwan.

Last year the awards introduced a peer-judged section and I invited a small group of Taiwan bloggers to act as the judges. This year the peer-judged section will continue, but anyone with a Taiwan-related blog will be eligible to vote. Voting will take place via an online form. The popular online vote will also continue using a Digg-style voting mechanism.

There are no prizes offered. The aim of the awards is just to promote the Taiwan blogosphere. Entrants in the awards can encourage people to vote for their own blogs and other blogs they like. The awards aim to promote linking between blogs and to help people discover new Taiwan blogs.

To participate in the awards you need to register your blog in the Taiwan blog directory at Taiwanderful. If you registered last year there is no need to register again. However, you might like to check and update your entry.

Check the Taiwanderful blog for more information and updates about the awards. You can also follow @Taiwanderful at Twitter or become a fan of the Taiwanderful page at Facebook.

Please note: This blog is registered at Taiwanderful, but will not be considered for the awards.

Winners of the blog awards

The winners of the 2009 Taiwan blog awards have been announced at Taiwanderful. Special congratulations to A Hungry Girl’s Guide to Taipei for winning the peer-judged award for overall best blog. shu flies won the online vote for the overall best blog.

Thanks to Ben, Portnoy, Carrie, Todd and DJ Marcus for judging the blogs in the peer-judged awards. Special thanks to Fili for managing all the technical stuff.

I know some people might be disappointed not to have won an award, but the awards highlight that there are many great Taiwan blogs out there. Hopefully all the blogs entered in the awards gained a few extra readers and people have been able to discover some new Taiwan blogs.

Vote for the best blogs


Voting in the 2009 Taiwan Best Blog Awards started today. Visit the Taiwan blog directory at Taiwanderful to cast your votes. Anybody can vote for their favorite blogs via the Digg style voting mechanism. You can vote for as many blogs as you like and there is no need to register. More details of how to vote can be found at Taiwanderful.

Voting for the awards runs until 20 December. The winners of the popular online vote and peer-judged awards will be announced at Taiwanderful on 21 December.

Some great Taiwan blogs: Part 3

I have already written about great Taiwan blogs part one and part two. After finishing those posts I realised there were still a few blogs I had inadvertently omitted. I’ll make amends with a third installment.

Patrick Cowsill blogs on life in Taiwan with some interesting history and culture related posts. Brian Webb features photography captured on film. Wandering Taiwan is a great travel blog with a focus on Taiwan’s indigenous peoples. Conductor’s Notebook is Alton’s notes with a focus on music and the arts. Steven Crook collects his writings which appear in various publications.

Barking Deer News has information about hiking trails and trips. Taiwan Flavors has lots of great photos and advice about travel in Taiwan. Taiwaneil Formosa is a blog about life in Zhongli City and travels elsewhere in Taiwan. The Razzel Berry has lots of great posts about food, travel and language learning in Taiwan. Tailingua is a recently revived blog about the Hoklo Taiwanese language. Taiwan Teacher has observations of daily life.

If you want your blog to be in the running for the Taiwan blog awards you need to register at Taiwanderful by 1 December. Voting in the awards will take place from 1-20 December.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone this time. Readers are welcome to leave a link in the comments if there are any more Taiwan blogs to add.