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Tag: renewable energy

Taiwan needs to embrace clean energy

I co-signed the following letter which was published in the Taipei Times today. Is there an unfortunate misunderstanding about German politics and history among some Taiwanese? After two of us had to clarify the path Germany took to abolish the death penalty, (“Real deal behind abolition,” March 17, 2011, page 8), we now have to […]

Vision for a sustainable future

Bruno Walther sent the following letter to the Taipei Times last week. The Taipei Times published a second letter that he also sent last week. He has given me permission to post the first letter here. Ever since the nuclear catastrophe began in Japan, I was just waiting for somebody to step forward with the argument ‘but […]

The cost of nuclear power

Taiwan’s Fourth Nuclear Power Plant under construction in August 2009 with Fulong Beach in the foreground. I had a letter in the Taipei Times today on the subject of nuclear power. It argues that the high cost and long lead times of nuclear power projects defers investment in cleaner and safer forms of electricity generation. […]

Peak oil is a big problem

I had another letter in the Taipei Times today. This one was on the subject of peak oil. Unfortunately the title the Taipei Times’ editors chose for the letter, “Planning for an oil-less future”, reflects a common misunderstanding. Peak oil doesn’t mean the world will run out of oil, but that the supply and availability […]

Energy is a hot topic

The National Energy Conference currently being held in Taipei has pushed energy issues into the spotlight. This comes on the back of news earlier this week that German wind power company InfraVest threatened to withdraw from Taiwan if the government did not implement policies to support renewable energy. At the conference President Ma called on […]