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Tag: mrt

Riding the Kaohsiung MRT

On my visit to Kaohsiung I was keen to check out the Kaohsiung MRT system. The red line (north-south) officially opened in March this year and the orange line (east-west) is scheduled to open next month. They were still busy doing work around the entrances of the orange line stations, so I am not sure [...]

Hikes and bikes on the MRT

There is some good news for cyclists from the Taipei MRT (via Rank). Cyclists can now take their bicycles on the blue line of the MRT. Some conditions still apply and it is only at certain stations. The MRT has also reduced the ticket price for bicycles and their riders to NT$80. Further details from [...]

MRT maintenance car

I saw a a maintenance car in the Taipei MRT for the first time today. It was parked on an unused platform at Guting Station. I saw it in the morning, but didn't have time to take a photo. It was still there when I came back in the afternoon so I snapped a few [...]

Some MRT news

A report in today's Liberty Times (自由時報) says that fares for the Kaohsiung MRT have been set. The fares are from NT$25 to 60 according to the distance travelled. The fares are about NT$5 more expensive than the Taipei MRT. 
The red line of the Kaohsiung MRT is scheduled to open before the end of this [...]

Mass transit beyond Taipei

The opening of the high speed rail in Taiwan has highlighted many issues related to transportation in Taiwan. One particular issue is that most of the high speed rail (HSR) stations are located outside of the city centres that they serve. Without mass transit links to the nearby major population centres all traffic to the [...]

MRT expansion continues

The Taipei Times on Friday reported that the Taipei City Government has confirmed plans to construct a new MRT line from Neihu to Zhonghe. This line will be part of the orbital line which will run around the outer parts of the Greater Taipei Metropolitan Area, mainly in Taipei County. 
The Taipei City Government yesterday [...]

Taipei Metro world’s most reliable

The Taipei Times today reports that Taipei's MRT is the world's most reliable.
For the second consecutive year, Taipei's MRT system was rated by University of London's Railway Technology Strategy Center as the most reliable system among the world's 25 major metro systems last year, they said.

I am continually impressed by all aspects of the MRT [...]