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Tag: banqiao

Tour de Taiwan in Taipei County

Stage 6 of the 2008 Tour de Taiwan was held in Taipei County today. Riders raced over a 127 kilometre route along Taiwan's north coast with the start and finish at the Taipei County Government Building in Banqiao. Kyle Gritters (USA) riding for the Health Net presented by Maxxis team won the stage in a [...]

Rickshaws in Taiwan

While wandering around Banqiao this afternoon I stumbled across these beautifully restored rickshaws. While I have seen tricycle rickshaws in Taiwan before I was quite surprised to see the human-powered rickshaws alongside it. I have seen them operating in Calcutta, although according to Wikipedia they were officially banned in that city in November 2006 (I [...]

Banqiao to Xindian by bike

This afternoon I rode along the riverside bike path from Banqiao to Xindian. Except for a short section in Banqiao, I hadn't ridden along the bike paths that form quite an extensive network along the rivers in Taipei. I shot some video along the way and you can watch the video above complete with my [...]

Photos from the weekend

I didn't visit any new places on the weekend, but here are some photos I took on my travels around Taipei City and County.

At the end of Xianmin Boulevard (縣民大道) in Banqiao there is this giant bike. There is a bike path that runs along the river here.

The bike path mentioned above runs [...]

Taiwan’s amazing temples

Ziwei Tianhou Temple near Sanxia 
Prince Roy visited the Lin Family Gardens in Banqiao last weekend and wrote some interesting comments about it on his blog. He was a little unimpressed by the gardens, however he raved about the Cihui Temple (慈惠宮) nearby. 
I must have walked past this temple dozens of times and I have been [...]

The view from Banqiao

The windy weather this afternoon blew away all the pollution creating one of those rare days with crystal clear views of the mountains surrounding Taipei. Late in the afternoon, as the sun was about to set, I went up to the viewing deck of the Taipei County Government building in Banqiao. While this building is [...]

MRT arrives in Banqiao and Tucheng

The Banqiao and Tucheng line of the MRT opened last week. I was impressed with the way it opened on schedule despite the cynicism of many Taiwanese people and foreign residents that it wouldn’t open on time. New bus routes appeared overnight and the line seems to be running without a hitch. With the high [...]