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Tag: australia

The Story of Smangus at Students of Sustainability

This morning I gave a presentation about Smangus at the Students of Sustainability (SoS) conference. This year the conference is being held in Bendigo, which is not far from where I live in Australia. I attended because it was a good chance to reconnect with the academic world and activists in Australia. It was also [...]

Call for papers – 2010 Taiwan Studies Postgraduate Symposium

The Asia Institute, the Taiwan Research Reading Group, and the Chinese Studies Research Group of the University of Melbourne cordially invite all postgraduate (PhD, Masters and Honours) scholars working in the field of Taiwan Studies to present their work at a symposium to be held in Melbourne on the 7-8 December 2010. The theme of [...]

Australia Conference at NCCU

An International Conference on Australia and Cross-Straits Economic Relation, organised by the College of International Affairs, was held at National Chengchi University today. The conference included scholars from Australia and Taiwan discussing Australia’s relations with Taiwan and China as well as links with ASEAN and the Asia-Pacific region. Acting Representative of the Australian Commerce and [...]

April breakfast meeting

This month's breakfast meeting held on Saturday morning in Taipei featured two speakers from Australia, Dr Lily Wang and Professor Bruce Jacobs. Our usual chronicler of these events, Michael Turton, was absent so Jerome asked me to write a brief report. Dr Lily Wang was born in Taiwan, went to high school in New Zealand [...]

Monk’s thunder

A new book just published in Australia, Thunder From the Silent Zone: Rethinking China by Paul Monk, may be of interest to readers in Taiwan. The book "seeks to challenge many of the received assumptions and fixed ideas which so often determine the way we think about China and its relationship with the rest of [...]