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Tag: amis

Photowalking in Taichung

I had a busy day yesterday taking photos around Taichung. The day began at an Aboriginal Cultural Festival organised by the Taichung City Government. The event featured some traditional dancing as well as some fun activities like the three-legged race pictured above and a tug-of-war. There was also a good range of aboriginal style food [...]

Ethnoecology workshop at Smangus

On Sunday and Monday I attended a conference in Smangus. The conference, organized by National Chiao Tung University (國立交通大學), brought together a small group of anthropologists to discuss the topic of “Rethinking environment, localisation and indigenisation.” While it poured rain on the Sunday afternoon the cafe at provided a great refuge for the presenters gave [...]

Sanying Community celebrates another year

On Saturday the Amis community of Sanying (三鶯部落) in Sanxia held its end of year celebration. The event attracted a crowd of about 500 people which was more than last year’s event. The community had also undergone a lot rebuilding after its demolition in February 2008. The afternoon began with dancing by members of Sanying [...]

Sanying Community end of year party

Sanying Community (三鶯部落) held an “end of year protest party” at their village in Sanxia (三峽), Taipei County yesterday. The community located by the Dahan River is made up of Amis aborigines who settled there after coming to Taipei to seek work in the 1970s. In February 2008 the Sanying village was demolished after protestors [...]

228 Memorial Day in Taipei

I arrived at 228 Peace Park just as Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin (郝龍斌) was finishing his speech. I then watched on as Vice-President Annette Lu and President Chen Shui-bian gave their speeches. As they both spoke in Hoklo Taiwanese I didn't understand what they said. The Taipei Times gives a good summary of Chen's speech.  [...]

Amis Hip Hop documentary

screenshot from Amis Hip Hop  Amis Hip Hop (阿美嘻哈) is a documentary about the age-grade ceremony of the Amis in Dulan (都蘭), Taidong County. A version of the documentary can be downloaded from the official website. I wrote the following about it in a paper for the Culture and Ethnic Structure of Taiwan class.  What [...]