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Tag: 228

Visit to two 228 museums in Taipei

The Taipei 228 Memorial Museum (台北二二八紀念館) reopened in February this year after being closed for almost a year for renovations. The reopening created some controversy over how the new exhibits interpreted the events of 228. On Sunday I went to visit the museum to see for myself how it had changed. I had visited the [...]

What is justice? 正義系啥米

What is justice? (正義系啥米) was held at the Leader University (立德大學) in Tainan yesterday. The event featured a concert with a number of leading Taiwan bands as well as an exhibition about 228 Incident. The event was organised by the Leader University Hot Rock Club (立德大學熱音社) and the 228 Memorial Foundation. An exhibition about 228 [...]

Justice For All Concert in Pingtung

The 2010 Justice For All Concert (正義無敵音樂會) was held in Pingtung yesterday. I arrived at the venue in the mid-afternoon while the bands were still doing their sound checks. The venue was a park in the Pingdong Sugar Factory — a big grassy area surrounded by palm trees with a banyan tree providing some nice [...]

228 Memorial Day in Taipei

I arrived at 228 Peace Park just as Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin (郝龍斌) was finishing his speech. I then watched on as Vice-President Annette Lu and President Chen Shui-bian gave their speeches. As they both spoke in Hoklo Taiwanese I didn't understand what they said. The Taipei Times gives a good summary of Chen's speech.  [...]

Another 228 museum

After visiting the exhibition of Tasmanian art at the National Museum of History I wandered along Nanhai Road and discovered another 228 Museum. Curious I went inside to have a look.  I asked a man in the museum what the relationship between this museum and the 228 Museum in 228 Park was. It turned out [...]