view of Taipei looking over Neihu and Yangmingshan

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Archive for 'Travel'

Dharma Drum Mountain in Jinshan

On Sunday I visited Dharma Drum Mountain (法鼓山) World Center for Buddhist Education in Jinshan (金山) on the north coast. The centre includes the Dharma Drum University, Dharma Drum Monastery and Museum of Buddhist History and Culture. Dharma Drum Mountain is one of Taiwan's largest Buddhist organisations founded by Master Sheng Yen (聖嚴法師). 
The […]

Taoyuan train trip

I got up early this morning and caught the 7:25 high speed train from Banqiao to Taoyuan. I didn't really want to go to Taoyuan for any special reason. I just thought I would take another ride on the high speed train and then return via the regular train.

Travelling from Banqiao to Taoyuan the […]

Yong-an House in Shenkeng

Last time I visited Shenkeng (深坑) I was disappointed to find the Yong-an House (永安居) was only open on weekends and holidays. I returned there again today and enjoyed a tour of the house. I was quite impressed and it was well worth the trip. 
I constantly lament the fact that so many of Taiwan's […]

A new museum experience

The last time I visited the National Palace Museum (NPM, 國立故宮博物院) was about four years ago. Since then the museum has undergone extensive renovations. I was keen to return and see how things had changed. 
Friday's Taipei Times wrote, "The National Place Museum's reopening celebrations reflect the world-famous repository of Chinese treasures' new priority: to […]

Hongludi trail in Zhonghe

If you take the MRT all the way to Nanshijiao and then venture further south under the freeway to the edge of Zhonghe you will arrive at the start of the Hongludi hiking trail (烘爐地步道). Along the trail there are a number of interesting temples and stunning views across Taipei. 

The first temple on the trail […]

Trip to Jinguashi

There has long been one place high on my to visit list in the north of Taiwan. That place is Jiufen (九份) and the nearby Jinguashi (金瓜石) and I finally made it there today. 

It was mid-afternoon when I arrived. I only quickly passed through Jiufen. Although I stopped long enough to enjoy the delightful […]

The art of making tea oil

This afternoon a friend took me out to Sanxia to visit a tea oil factory. Tea oil is made from the seeds of Camellia oleifera. It can also be made from Camellia sinensis, the plant which tea leaves come from. However, seeds from the former have a higher yield of oil. The picture above shows […]

High speed trip to Xinzhu

This morning I took my first ride on Taiwan's new high speed train. I arrived at Banqiao Station early in the morning to catch the 7:25 train from Banqiao to Xinzhu. Even though the trains have already been operating for five days, there was a buzz of excitement as people waited to board the train. 

Yuandao Temple

Today I visited the Yuandao Guan Yin Temple (緣道觀音廟). It is located outside Danshui (淡水) on the north coast. I decided to visit after seeing a photo the temple. I really liked the simple aesthetic. Most Taiwanese temples are a riot of color and action so it is refreshing to see this temple. I also […]

Puppet museum

Today I visited the Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum (林柳新紀念偶戲博物館). It is located in the Dadaocheng area, which was once the heart of Taipei, but is now somewhat neglected. Nearby is Dihua Street (迪華街) which is famous for selling cloth and Chinese medicine and also contains the Xiahai City God Temple (霞海城隍廟). A stone's throw […]