view of Taipei looking over Neihu and Yangmingshan

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Archive for 'Museums & galleries'

Betelnut beauty exhibition opening

Tobie Openshaw and Xiao Juan (小娟) at the opening of the exhibition
This afternoon I went to the opening of an exhibition of photos by Tobie Openshaw. The exhibition entitled "Betelnut Beauty" features photos by Tobie of betel nut girls in Taoyuan and Xinzhu. You can see some of Tobie's photos at flickr, however I suggest […]

A new museum experience

The last time I visited the National Palace Museum (NPM, 國立故宮博物院) was about four years ago. Since then the museum has undergone extensive renovations. I was keen to return and see how things had changed. 
Friday's Taipei Times wrote, "The National Place Museum's reopening celebrations reflect the world-famous repository of Chinese treasures' new priority: to […]

Puppet museum

Today I visited the Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum (林柳新紀念偶戲博物館). It is located in the Dadaocheng area, which was once the heart of Taipei, but is now somewhat neglected. Nearby is Dihua Street (迪華街) which is famous for selling cloth and Chinese medicine and also contains the Xiahai City God Temple (霞海城隍廟). A stone's throw […]

Public art in Nangang

On Saturday I joined a group from Zhongzheng Community College on an excursion to Nangang. Before going there I wondered whether there could possibly be any interesting to see there. 
We went to visit the Nangang Software Park to see the public art there. First we had an introduction to the background of the artworks by […]

Pinglin and Shenkeng: tea and tofu

Pinglin (坪林) in Taipei County is one of Taiwan's major tea growing areas. It is also a very nice small town nestled amongst the mountains with a beautiful river flowing through it.  

The man in the bronze sculpture above is Lu Yu (陸羽). He lived in China in the 8th Century CE and wrote the […]

Beitou: Buddhism, museums and hot springs

Today I went out to New Beitou via the MRT to have a look around. I came out here a few months ago with Prince Roy and Poagao. There seemed to be a lot to see so I wanted to come back and explore a little more.  

One of the first places I visited was […]

Rhythms Monthly photo exhibition

Yesterday in Taipei I came across a very interesting exhibition at the CKS Memorial Hall. The photo exhibition was to celebrate the 100th issue of Rhythms Monthly (經典雜誌). 
Rhythms Monthly is a magazine published by the Tzu Chi Culture and Communications Foundation (慈濟傳播文化志業基金會). It could be considered a Chinese language equivalent of National Geographic. The articles […]

Trip to Fuxing

I read an article in Thursday's China Post about the Shimen Reservoir (石門水庫) in Taoyuan County. The article said that the area was a good chance to experience Atayal culture. The Atayal (泰雅族) are the aboriginal tribe that live in the mountainous areas of Northern Taiwan.
I made an early start and headed out through […]

Hakka Museum in Sanxia

This afternoon I went out to Sanxia to visit the Taipei County Hakka Museum (台北縣客家文化園區). The museum opened a year ago. Although it is built in concrete it incorporates some interesting architecture. One end of the building is built in the style of a round house. These round houses are found in some of the […]

Trip to Bali

Bali (八里) is in the north of Taipei County and lies just across the river from the more well known Danshui (淡水). It should not be confused with the island in Indonesia or Paris (which is also called Bali in Mandarin).
Getting there took me on a route through Xinzhuang and Wugu. These […]