view of Taipei looking over Neihu and Yangmingshan

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Archive for 'Environment'

Sustainable transport: planning and vision and required

There is an excellent editorial in today's Taiwan News about the need for better transport planning in Taiwan. The Taiwan News writes,
Although the huge annual pressure on our ground and air transportation networks is fully predictable and occurs during virtually all extended holidays, it appears that the government and the private sector remain […]

Brown cloud affecting Taiwan’s weather

The cold weather currently affecting Taiwan is due to a cold air mass moving down from China. It is also due in part to pollutants carried over from China. 
The Taiwan News today reports, 
The Environmental Protection Administration yesterday cautioned the public to stay indoors for the following days as pollutants from China are expected to […]

MRT expansion continues

The Taipei Times on Friday reported that the Taipei City Government has confirmed plans to construct a new MRT line from Neihu to Zhonghe. This line will be part of the orbital line which will run around the outer parts of the Greater Taipei Metropolitan Area, mainly in Taipei County. 
The Taipei City Government yesterday […]

Clear day, brown haze

The weather today and yesterday in Taipei has been wonderfully warm with clear blue skies. The photo above was taken at 8:44 am this morning in Tucheng. It is the view looking north toward the mouth of the Danshui River which is in the centre of the shot. Despite the clear blue skies a pall […]

New bicycle parking at NTU

A while back I posted about some of the obstacles that cyclists face in Taiwan. One thing I noted was the lack of good parking for bikes.
Witness the sidewalks around NTU which are overflowing with bicycles. An area like this is crying out for some similarly well designed bike racks.

Well, it seems my wish […]

High speed rail: the wait is over

Ticket sales counter for the HSR at Banqiao Station
Finally, after months of delays and uncertainty surrounding Taiwan's High Speed Rail project it will open tomorrow. 
A number of other blogs have written about the upcoming opening. The Bala Daily reports on buying a ticket at Taipei Station. Nostalgiphile links to some articles from the Chinese […]

Climate change: free movie screening

I picked up details of this free screening of An Inconvenient Truth from Forumosa. It will be held at the Main Auditorium of National Taiwan Normal University (Shi-Da) in Taipei on the 19th and 20th of December. More details on the poster (click on it to see a larger image) and below. 
12/19 (Tuesday) […]

No place for nuclear waste

There is an article in today's Taipei Times about the continuing search for a site to store Taiwan's nuclear waste. It says that a final location for the "disposal" [This is the word used in the article. I hope they mean storage!] of nuclear waste, currently stored at Orchid Island (蘭嶼), will be decided on […]

Climate change: Taiwan cares!

Today I attended the Climate change: Taiwan cares! action in Taipei. It was part of an international day of action with protests taking place in 45 countries around the world.
There were only a few hundred people at the action which took place at Da'an Forest Park in Taipei and later marched along Xinyi Road to […]

Action for climate change in Taipei

There is an international day of action on climate change on 4 November 2006. The event is timed to coincide with the UN Climate Talks (MOP 2, COP 12) in Nairobi, Kenya from 6th to 17th November 2006.
In Taipei the "Climate Change, Taiwan Cares!" Parade and Festival will take place at Da'an Forest Park […]