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Archive for 'Blogs & websites'

Links 23 July 2007

Scott Sommers comments on the politics of examinations. Nostalgiphile has more about  Taiwan's education wars, Michael Turton about rewriting the textbooks and The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato on the teaching of history.
Range has written a short story about an ESL teacher.
Tea Masters on the importance of water in tea.
Jerome Keating on China's inconvenient […]

Links 20 July 2007

Michael Turton has all the Taiwan blog links to get you through the weekend. I will be back with more on Monday. 

Links 16 July 2007

Sunset at Fisherman's Wharf in Danshui

Several bloggers have written about the twentieth anniversary of the end of martial law: nostalgiphile, Michael Turton, Ben Huang and Tim Maddog.
The New Hampshire Bushman talks about manufacturing in Taiwan vs Korea. Michael Turton also had a post on this topic. 
Holly looks at making investments at a Taiwanese […]

Links 9 July 2007

Range on racism in Taiwan: Part IX and Part X.
A-gu on betel nut culture.
Rank on Taiwanese fertility.
Jerome Keating has an alternative perspective on Denny Roy's book about Taiwan.
Analysis of Chen Shui-bian's interview in the Washington Post from nostalgiphile and Feiren.
Craig Ferguson has photos of the Jiayi (Chiayi) Old Prison.
Todd goes hiking up a concrete […]

Links 2 July 2007

Feeling hot? Misadventures in Taiwan goes out for some tsua bing (shaved ice). 
Shooting Down Pictures remembers Taiwanese auteur Edward Yang.
Ralph Jennings profiles Su Beng.
Michael Turton puts paid to the myth that Chen Shui-bian is ratcheting up tensions with China.
Doubting to Shuo reflects on his first visit to Taiwan ten years ago. 
The […]

Flickr now in Chinese

My favorite photo sharing website, flickr, has gone international and launched a traditional Chinese character (繁體中文) version. This coincides with with the launch of flickr in seven new languages: French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese. You can read more about it on the flickr blog.

Selecting the language of your choice is […]

Recommended website #5: Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association (台灣蠻野心足生態協會)
Wild at Heart was founded by Robin Winkler, an American who has lived in Taiwan for twenty years and become a Taiwanese citizen. The following is from the about page:
The Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association is a public interest organization dedicated to promoting efforts to restore a […]

Links 7 May 2007

Michael Turton hits his 2,000th post. Congratulations!!!
Jonathan Adams at Thirsty Ghosts on progress in Taiwan's democracy.
Michael Turton rounds up the news on Frank Hsieh's victory in the DPP primary. A-gu also has some analysis of the results.
Poagao's long running Taiwan website has had a facelift. His blog is now at
Prince Roy […]

Links 5 May 2007

The Mandarin Project's post on the problems at BOCA is updated. 
The Only Redhead ruminates on blogging and his first year in Taiwan.
The New Hampshire Bushman has some photos of Xinzhu.
Pinyin News on Taipei’s new busstop signs.
Michael Turton has information about a fundraiser  and the campaign against the Hushan Dam.
Anarchy in Taiwan on […]

Links 1 May 2007

Global Voices Online has an article about the Mazu (媽祖) pilgrimage in Dajia.
Holly gets some ice-cream from the new Cold Stone Creamery.
Pinyin News laments on the signage in Banciao Banqiao.
Pan Han-shen (潘翰聲) on the conflict between pedestrians and cyclists on Taiwan's footpaths: 共同爭取弱勢者的行動空間(4/26中時) (Update: Pan Han-shen has an article in English in the Taipei […]