Music and No Nukes on Fulong Beach

Hohaiyan Music Festival on Fulong Beach

Yesterday I attended the first day of the 2011 Hohaiyan Music Festival (海洋音樂祭) at Fulong Beach. The festival, organised by the New Taipei City (formerly Taipei County) Government, has been running since 2000. The festival has two stages with the main stage on Fulong Beach. There are also food stalls and toilets set up on the beach and a huge staff to keep things running smoothly.

No Nukes group at Hohaiyan

When I arrived on the beach I saw members of the No Nukes group (諾怒客) handing out posters and talking to people. It is a reminder that just a few kilometres away from this beautiful beach the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant is under construction.  

MC Hotdog at Hohaiyan

The theme of the first day was Taike Rock (台客搖滾) and the first band I caught for the day was rapper MC Hotdog. The final song he performed was his well known hit “I love Taiwanese sisters” (我愛台妹). He was joined by a group of dancers for the song. They definitely added some spice to the show.

Go Chic at Hohaiyan

Next up were electro-rock riot grrrls Go Chic. It was perhaps a little early in the day for a band that demands its fans to dance. Nonetheless they gave an energetic performance that had at least a few people dancing.

Kou Chou Ching at Hohaiyan

Kou Chou Ching (拷秋勤) took full advantage of the big stage by performing with a total of seven members. They put on a great show of their unique Taiwan style hip hop. It was the first time I had seen Achino and Yobo playing the suona together.

The White Eyes and crowd

The White Eyes (白目樂隊) were winners of the Hohaiyan Music Festival a few years ago. They have since gone on to bigger things. At the end of their set they invited the crowd onto the stage. They enjoyed a few minutes of dancing and fun.

No Nukes at Hohaiyan

The members of the crowd weren’t the only ones to share the stage with the bands though. Several bands invited members of No Nukes on stage during their sets. They danced and displayed their signs ensuring that everyone in the crowd knew about the fact that the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant was under construction not far away.

The Hohaiyan Music Festival continues until Sunday 10 July with bands including Matzka, Sodagreen, Cheer Chen to play. Entry is free but expect huge crowds if you go on the weekend. For more information about the festival visit

*More photos in the Hohaiyan Music Festival set at flickr.

4 thoughts on “Music and No Nukes on Fulong Beach

  1. Where exactly is this festival? Would love to check it out! Any international bands joining?

  2. Carin, to get to Fulong Beach take a train to Fulong. It is about one hour from Taipei on the Yilan line. Once you arrive at the station just follow the crowds towards the beach. There are a number of international bands playing. Check for a list of the bands in English.

  3. Found your site via Flickr, specifically the 28mm f/1.8 group. Never really knew there was a such a big live music following in Taiwan. I grew up in the United States but since I graduated and started working full time – I’ve been visiting family there once or twice a year every year for the past 3 years or so.

    I guess another reason I’ve never heard of this music festival, I avoid going in the summer. Not only is the heat and humidity unbearable, airfares are also significantly higher in the summer as well.

    Nice articles, I also like your photos on Flickr, thanks!

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