My parents visit Taiwan

Mum and Dad at Hotel One

My parents have just spent the past week in Taiwan. This was their second visit to Taiwan following their first visit in 2008. The week long visit was just enough time to see a few of Taiwan’s highlights.

Fengjia night market in Taichung

The first day was spent relaxing and enjoying some of the good things in Taichung. We drank Taichung’s best coffee at Orsir. Then we had lunch at Hotel One with a great view of the city. In the evening we visited the Fengjia Night Market. Thankfully it wasn’t too busy and crowded on a Monday night.

Start of hike at Smangus

The next day we travelled to Hsinchu and then into the mountains. In the afternoon we reached our destination Smangus. This was a great place to escape the summer heat. We hiked to the Yaya Qparung on the second day. Mum and Dad completed the 12 kilometre hike in good time enjoying the magnificent forest and mountain views along the way. I was really glad that I had the chance to take my parents to Smangus so they could know and understand more about this special place.

Night time scenery in Jiufen

After Smangus we headed to Jiufen on Taiwan’s northeast coast. Jiufen was the ideal place to relax and ease back into urban life after the peace and isolation of Smangus. We enjoyed the beautiful views and some nice tea and snacks.

Mum and Dad at Taipei 101

After spending a night in Jiufen we went to Taipei. Last time Mum and Dad visited they weren’t able to go up Taipei 101 because the weather was so poor. This time they had a clear view and were able to check out the view of the Taipei Basin. We travelled on the high speed train back to Taichung for the final leg of the journey. Mum and Dad flew out from Taichung Airport to Hong Kong where they caught another flight back to Australia.

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  1. Sounds lovely! I hope my parents visit someday. (I don’t blame them for not coming – neither one has a job that allows a lot of time off, especially in a large chunk, and they just helped pay for half our wedding and put my sister through college).

  2. Nice report Dave. And a nice mix of places for your parents to visit – a real taste of Taiwan!

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