Freak Out Beast in Da’an Park

Freak Out Beast's big stage in Da'an Park

The Freak Out Beast (吵年獸) music festival began in 2006. It is held in Taipei each year around the time of the Lunar New Year holiday, when there is usually a lack of live music events. I attended the festival for the last couple of years in Ximending. This year the event moved to Da’an Forest Park.

The amphitheatre in Da’an Park has a big stage where plenty of bands had the chance to strut their stuff. The weekend also had beautiful blue skies and warm temperatures. This was quite a contrast to the typical Lunar New Year weather in Taipei and the crowd enjoyed both the music and the sunshine.

My Skin Against Your Skin at Freak Out Beast

One of the first bands to play on the big stage on Saturday was My Skin Against Your Skin (MSAYS). The band made great use of the big stage with a polished performance. Their new EP sold out at the festival.

Market at Freak Out Beast

The event had several stages set up around Da’an Park in addition to the main stage. The “noise” (吵) stage in the northeast corner of the park also had a market selling food and crafts. The “year” (年) stage was for DJs and the “beast” (獸) stage featured acoustic performances.

Sunset Rollercoaster at Freak Out Beast

As the sun set on Saturday evening the appropriately named Sunset Rollercoaster (落日飛車) took to the noise stage and attracted quite a crowd. The band includes some of the members of BOYZ & GIRL and they put on a great show with their own brand of psychedelic and experimental rock.

Selfish Sucker at Freak Out Beast

On Saturday evening several metal bands with names like Bazooka and Selfish Sucker amped it up on the noise stage. The photo above shows the guitarist of Selfish Sucker.

Summerbred at Freak Out Beast

For those who prefer it a bit quieter the acoustic stage provided some aural relief. The photo above shows the two-piece band Summerbred (夏生). There were many bands playing on the various stages over the two days and there were still many bands that I didn’t get the chance to see. All in all it was a great two days of music.

*More photos in the Freak Out Beast 2011 set at flickr (with more to be uploaded in the next few days).