Day trip to Dajia in Taichung County

Wenchang Shrine in Dajia

I took the opportunity to do a bit of local tourism today heading out to Dajia (大甲) in Taichung County.  The first place I stopped was the Wenchang Shrine (文昌祠), a beautiful little temple with neatly kept grounds.

Worshipers in the temple

Next stop was the Dajia Matsu Temple (大甲鎮瀾宮). The temple is one of the busiest and most important religious centres in Taiwan. It is the starting point of the annual Matsu pilgrimage held in March or April.

People moving in temple

The temple was busy with people making offerings and burning incense.

Temple gods

The gods in the temple were bright and colorful.

Man blessing car

Outside the temple several new cars were lined up to be blessed. The man in the white vest busily performed a ritual around the cars.

A parade visiting the temple created a noisy scene. I captured some video of the action.

Wind turbines on the Taiwan coast

After visiting the temple I headed out to the coast at Da’an (大安). The coastline is dotted with wind turbines, but otherwise quite desolate. I explored the ruins of an abandoned seaside resort. The beach was bleak and windswept.

*More photos in the Day Trip to Dajia set at flickr.