Photowalking around Tunghai University

Art Street in Taichung

On Saturday I met up with Mark, Todd and Darren at Art Street (藝術街) in Taichung for a photowalk. Art Street is Taichung’s attempt at creating a European style walking street. I don’t think the street has quite realised the original vision, but it is an interesting neighbourhood nonetheless. A lot of the interesting stuff is actually located in the alleys and nearby streets rather than the street itself. The street was a bit quiet on Saturday morning. If you want to check it out then I suggest visiting in the afternoon or evening.

Tunghai University campus

After spending some time in Art Street we walked across to the much busier market area just above Tunghai University (東海大學). After having lunch there we walked down to the campus of Tunghai University. The campus has a lot of trees and sprawls out over a hill that looks down on Taichung City. It is a very pleasant place to walk around. The Luce Chapel which I mentioned in an earlier blog post is a notable piece of architecture. A new place I discovered was the No. 43 Studio, a small gallery featuring exhibitions by students.

Farm shed at Tunghai University

The open and spacious campus even has its own dairy farm. This scene in the shed looks exactly like a farm shed in Australia.

Dairy cows at Tunghai University

And some of the dairy cows were munching on some hay. There is a shop selling icecream on the campus if you want to sample some of the produce.

Anyway to add some interest to the walk and subsequent blogging Mark suggested that each person select one photo from the other three people to post on their blog. Mark has already selected three. My selections follow.

I like this photo Mark took of me with the Chinese characters in the background. Check out Mark’s complete set of photos from the walk at flickr. Mark is leading the Taichung edition of the annual Worldwide Photowalk on Saturday 24 July. You can sign up for the walk on the official website.

I like this photo by Todd which juxtaposes the young woman dressed up for her wedding photos with two nuns in their ascetic grey garb walking past. For more of Todd’s photos from the walk check his photoset at flickr.

I remember watching Darren as he took the photo above. I was curious to see how it would turn out. Check out Darren’s set of photos at flickr.

*More of my photos in the Photowalk around Tunghai University set at flickr.

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